MAYMOUTH – For the rush

Buddhist or something

I have always consider Sonjagon as a powerful band full of youth. It is also a fun Grand Ma’ since it gave birth to different music projects. After Jacob Douglas who went solo, please welcome Maymouth, aka “Jacob Stenberg and Hugo Johansson other band”.

Well, as an old time fan, I will probably always prefer Sonjagon (currently on hiatus) than those other projects, but this is not bad at all. Maymouth is even really good. “For the rush”, their first single (released through Kvalität) offers us wandering sounds that seem to explode eventually like some soap bubbles. The Sonjagon influence is obvious. Enjoy the ballad, then. As the Buddhist proverb says (it is Buddhist, right?): the destination is less important than the road.

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ALBERT – Never mind the fine print


I usually like adventurous songs with little experimentations. Weird stuff, I mean. Never Mind The Fine Print is the second single off the Albert self-titled debut album released last April. This is not weird at all. Nothing queer there. Actually, Albert could be anglosaxon. Albert could even be Travis, the band. A regular pop-rock band, then, which release regular pop-rock songs. But, make no mistake, I do like their melodies. And it is raining outside. And it is typically the kind of band to listen to when it is raining outside and you do not want to think too much. Cause, yeah, this is pleasant.

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ANWAI – Asking


I do not believe in those “rock”, “pop” or “electro” categories. I mean I do not listen to music to feel “rock”, “pop”, “electro” or whatever. I just reach feelings if you know what I mean.

In this respect Anwai (aka Mons Lorentzon and Amadeus Rudolfsson) debut single “Asking” belongs to my “get some sleep” category. I will probably never play it on my iPod during daytime. But when the sun is down and the sky is dark, it sounds just the way I want it to. Soft. Sweet. Soothing. It reminds me this band called Day One which released a brilliant song called “Bedroom Dancing” several years ago. So, sure I am not a doctor, but if you need to get some sleep, follow my suggestion: put this little whisper on.

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JACOB DOUGLAS – Hellion (new song + live video)

That’s all folk

Jacob Douglas (member of Sonjagon, do you remember?).
Some guitars.
And “Hellion” a new song played live through YouTube.
Nice. #soooooryanadamsish

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PIG EYES – Pig Eyes


Hell of a band, those Pig Eyes. I mean, literally. Their music comes from hell and I guess one can have only sympathy for those devils. I mean they here to bring heavy metal into your mind, your stomach and your bones. And it works on their new eponymous LP. Much more than their previous releases, if you ask me.

I confess I am not that much into “heavy” stuff (am more into “punk”, if those categories still mean something nowadays, where everything is mixep up), but I can listen to this music all over and over again.

If you need some references, let’s say the band include members from In Solitude, Nitad, Paper, Kvoteringen and Trapdoor Fucking Exit. If you need to be definitely convinced, just listen to “Dirge”: the most exhilarating song I heard for months.

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