SAMURAJ CITIES – Atlas (video)

Just a reminder

I will not give up the fight. The “I-will-always-mention-this-band-forever-and-so-on-and-on” thing, you know. I mean AbsNoise remains SC house or something. So, yeah, the brand new Samuraj Cities video is not that great. But the song, “Atlas”, remains brilliant. So is their latest album “Metallic”. And pretty much everything those guys released so far.

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DÖDSFEST – Det sista äventyret (album review)

Straight to the point

This artist is AbsRecommended

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I have been kidnapped by some aliens lately and could not unfortunately blog as much as I would have liked. It is too bad, especially because one of the best Swedish record of the year was released last Wednesday.

Well, I already mentioned it several times. Have praised it since its first song came out, but I guess I have to repeat it one more time : Dödsfest debut album “Det sista äventyret” is a masterpiece of simplicity. From opening tune (“Dödsfesten”) to the last one (“Gammal, lam och kall”), the whole record goes straight on. Directly to the point. And leaves you with the impression that you should play it all over and over again. I admit my poor Swedish abilities do not allow me to really get the lyrics, but I truly think I get the point.

This could be sum up as “melodic pop”. This could be described as “punk”. This is probably a mix of both, i.e. great melodies and an insolent attitude. Sometimes very BobHundish (latest single “Utan din kyss”), sometimes more Mattias Alkberg BDish (“Vi bestämmer över dig”) and even a little bit Pascalish on the song “GG Allin på kalas”. It makes sense: the band is a dreamy crew formed by Conny Nimmersjö (from Bob Hund), Karl Malm (from Mattias Alkberg BD), Manuela de Gouveia (from Pascal) and Christian Ramirez (from Park Hotell). Brilliant people that bring all their influences together.

All in all, you feel eventually an emergency in this sound, a need to keep it short, alive, easy to reach, as if the end of the world was near and we did not have much time left to enjoy. Totally AbsRecommended.

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THE EFFECTER – Far Away (album review)

Under the shower

A long time ago (i.e. in 2010), I wrote a little post about a song released by a band called The Sacred Sailor. It was not the best song from the best band on Earth, but it was nice.

Today, there is The Effecter, a band with ex-Sacred Sailor members. Their new album, “Far Away”, will see the light of day on April. It features several great pop tunes like “Out of touch”. Sounds very Anglosaxon, actually. But impossible to resist. Every song is a potential single. No fillers. Every tune can be whistled under the shower.

Belive it or not, the last name of two members of the band is “God”. True brothers? True name? I confess I do not know. But at least they have some god damn killing melodies.

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PROMISE AND THE MONSTER – Slopes (live video)

Slopes tight

It’s been a while, but Promise & the Monster is still a genius. A proof? This live video/streaming of dreamy “Slopes” which was featured on her second album “Red Tide”.

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DÖDSFEST – Utan din kyss (single from upcoming debut album “Det sista äventyret”)

A simple plan

This artist is AbsRecommended

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There is this album called “Det sista äventyret” from this band called Dödsfest.

The band can be sum up as the dream team of the Swedish music scene, if you look at who are the band members. The album is one of the best albums I heard for months, and I am pretty sure I am gonna repeat that in December 2014 when it will be “best of the year” time.

I wish I could review it, I wish I could tell you exactly why it is so great and why I can play it all over and over again (a short album it is, though). But we are a little bit too early since the whole record will be out only in April. I will come back to it then.

I praised here first excerpt “Vi bestämmer över dig”. Right now, let’s focus on “Utan din kyss” the new single. Let’s be straight, if you ask me, this tune is definitely not the best song of the record. Somehow, it proves how powerful this album is since, as you know, most of singles are usually the strongest tracks and all.

Here it is not. Still, we’ve got a brilliant song . One of the more “pop” tune of the album. One of the more melodic. One of the more square too. It actually shows one of the best assets of Dödsfest: simplicity. Yeah, this is direct, straight to the point, uncluttered. Simplicity is the key. My new favourite Swedish band I said? Hell it is!

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