MATTIAS ALKBERG – Du vet väl om att jag är värdefull? (new single)

Short it out

I think it is time to get out in my yearly summer break.

But before to breath, would you mind taking another cup of Mattias Alkberg tea. A strong one. Yes, again.

Du vet väl om att jag är värdefull? (“do you know that I am valuable?”) lasts only 1’34 but seems to sum up the new new new direction Mattias is taking with is upcoming album Södra Sverige, expected on the 20th of August.

According to its label Teg Publishing, the record will feature 13 songs for a (very short) length of 22 minutes. In one word: punk. Which means fast and furious to the youngest of yours. Political to the wisest of yours. Exciting to me. Oh, I forgot, if I understand correctly the lyrics of this brand new song released a couple of hours ago, it seems Matti does not like Stockholm quite much. Interesting to see he criticizes Stockholm the same way non-Parisian people criticize Paris in France.

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FLUNDRA – (Om man känner sig lycklig) (EP review)

Have you heard this strange noise underneath your pop?

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If you expect regular pop music, please do not listen to Flundra. My sister even told me this was “shit”. Well, I tried to convince her that she was wrong, that this young band had something few others get. I call it insanity. Or weirdness.

The band is even unusual in its composition. Two drummers, a bass guitar, a synth, some guitars: quite an army to make noise. So, yeah, it is obvious that with its Swedish lyrics, its little beeeeeps and its rageous bursts of grunge anger, this music is not made for everyone’s ears. But there are so many ideas in each of the songs featured in their debut (Om man känner sig lycklig) EP that I am truly interested to listening to a proper album or some new tunes in their near future. A true curiosity.

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FREDRIK GEORG ERIKSSON – Volume (album review)

Jazzy punky

This artist is AbsRecommended

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As I said yesterday, it’s been ages since I did not blog on a regular basis here. Now am back I have to get through all the emails I received and pick the right one as a come back. As often, I go for a Novoton records artist. A new one actually. Fredrik Georg Eriksson who released few weeks ago his debut album “Volume” (get it there).

The press thing says : “One of Sweden’s hardest working punk/rock musicians is finally releasing his debut album! Fredrik Georg Eriksson has been touring the world with his other band Twopointeight (who also just finished recording their third album, produced by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem), as well playing live with Alonzo Fas 3, and also (live and on records) with Knivderby, Alouatta and Karl Buhre”. Well, the three last bands/artists mentioned are some guys Absolut Noise has followed for a while and “punk” is the kind of word this blog always fancies.

The album is not “punk” if you ask me, though. But it is definitely different from most of music you can listen to around. First, the kind of Tom Waits voice strikes the ear. Second, the freedom in every song pleases me. There is something “jazzy” in this. I mean you are never sure to know what is about to happen next: a song can take a direction, then turns radically different. Always a good thing to be surprised. Third, this musically superior to 99% you heard this past month.

Have a listen to single “Labels on end” and have a look to the live video: “The woodwork” is my favourite song from him. A terrific angry tune that sums up everything I love in Fredrik Georg Eriksson (voice + melody + musicality).

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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Nöff nöff (first single from upcoming album “Södra Sweden”)

Fredrik Reinfeldt, in hell

This artist is AbsRecommended

Well, well, well people. I have been asleep for a while, counting sheeps and all, making other projects. But Absolut Noise is back. And with a great come back actually: Mister Mattias Alkberg, aka Absolut Noise true hero, with punk music. That is great news. I mean as I wrote in this blog, I have always been a big fan of everything he did, from the Bear Quartet different and various albums to his solo project (Mattias Alkberg BD was particularly brilliant). But I have never managed to get into his Begravning thing. Maybe the lyrics frontier. Maybe cause it was too slow for me. Anyway, my personal Swedish Guru is back with noisy music. An album named “Södra Sweden” is even expected on the 20th of August.

Noisy music. And noisy come back. This “Nöff nöff” single is actually causing a kind of little controversy within Sweden since its lyrics (lines like “Ha ha ha, so damn ugly. Moderate, vermin”) are openly against Fredrik Reinfeldt, the current Prime minister of Sweden.

Its video was released today. Even a French guy like me, far away from Swedish politics, does enjoy it. Rage has no language, you know.

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SAMURAJ CITIES – Atlas (video)

Just a reminder

I will not give up the fight. The “I-will-always-mention-this-band-forever-and-so-on-and-on” thing, you know. I mean AbsNoise remains SC house or something. So, yeah, the brand new Samuraj Cities video is not that great. But the song, “Atlas”, remains brilliant. So is their latest album “Metallic”. And pretty much everything those guys released so far.

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