NOVA BLAST – Glitch EP (review + Q&A)

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This song called “Mina polare” is a cover from a “Rasta Hunden” (Rasta Dog) tune. This Swedish band has only existed between 1989-1990 and released one record playing reggae.

You have probably never heard about And so Nova Blast, but you know what? It is my brand new favourite Swedish band. A “grunge” one. I mean, it is difficult to not think about Nirvana when you listen to them.

For sure, it is also hard to have a definitive opinion about them because they have only released few tunes. And one EP “Glitch” that just came out on Spotify. Do not look for a label: they have none. I hope they will find a way to keep on their music and release an album though because their music is built on everything I do fancy: a dirty sound, some melodies and a kind of “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. This could sound cliché, it just sounds honest.

Since I wanted to know more about this little crazy duo, I contacted them and we sorted out this little fun Q&A through the grace of Internet. If I were you, I would read it, and listen to the music, and keep an eye on those guys: if their music is quite dark, their future seems really bright to me.

First, it’s actually quite hard to get infos about Nova Blast. Could you give me some inputs? Like are you signed on a label and everything? What are your plans?
Diddi: We moved from Stockholm to Malmo about the same time and started hanging out skateboarding, beering and jamming guitar together. We tried different drummers but couldn’t find one that suited us so I dropped the guitar and picked up a drumkit for 300:- Swedish Kronor that I still use today!
Anti: There was some label interest, but we are still loose and single, if the right one approaches us we might lean in. Right now we are focusing on just playing as much as possible.
Diddi: In the future I see new songs, new videos and hanging in the rehearsal space sipping on 2.8 beer and sharing falafel rolls with our dogs!

Why this name « Nova Blast » ?
Anti: When I was a kid my dad found these fucked up broken consoles (Atari, Amiga, Commodore) in the skip and since he’s a tinkerer he would “fix” them. The sound and asthetics of the games really struck a nerve in me. The whole concept of escape to a parallel reality, secret dimension or exiting the “Minus World” is incredibly appealing. As I grew older this fascination expanded into literature. I read the obvious (Phillip K Dick, Hunter S Thompson, Charles Bukowski). But nothing compared to William S Burroughs, his Nova trilogy is down right damaged on the verge of unreadable! I loved it, and to later find out the connection with my favourite bands was a huge bonus. So basically Nova Blast is a nod and tribute to things that shaped us. 1980s video games, dystopian future and 90s punk/alternative music.

I first heard about you thanks to Edward Forslund, singer of Riddarna who gave me the hint about you in his « best of 2014 ». Are you related to Riddarna ? In which ways ?
Diddi: I met Erik and Patrick thru a common friend years before Riddarna even existed.
Anti: We heard they were playing this festival we were attending so obviously we had to check them out. I wasn’t prepared to get sonically as well as visually tarred, feathered and drowned in screaming wailing reverb! Soon enough Diddi tattooed the Riddarna “Hand” on both of us.

I thought Sweden was still stuck in a never ending 1980s revival full of keyboards, colors and stuff. You’re definitely not. Do you see other Swedish band with which you share some common points, musically speaking ?
Anti: I think Sweden still is, I get a bit annoyed of the lack of dynamics. I only hear a endless build-up, a repeating verse. The ones I feel closest related to besides Riddarna would be Westkust and Dokument#3. They both have this restlessness and static energy that resonates with me.

So you do grunge, right ? Am I correct ? Or how would you call your sound ?
Diddi: I’ve always found it difficult to categorize myself. But on our second gig we set off the car alarms outside so I guess our sound is loud and aggressive!
Anti: The band Pinkshinyultrablast called us GrungeGaze but I think we’re to messy to be considered either. Our main energy source I think is our restlessness, to fill it we’ve had to feed it punkrock, grunge, drum n bass, rock n roll, psychobilly, shoegaze, hardcore, anything with a beat faster than slow and a emotion not fuelled by testosterone.

Who’s your favourite « grunge » band ? The Pixies ? Nirvana ? Bush ? (no I’m joking, cannot be Bush…)
Anti: Haha…Bush.
Diddi: Nirvana have always been my absolute favourite in “Grunge”.
That’s how it all started, In my room picking out Come As You Are on the guitar.
Anti: Nirvana also made me pick up the guitar, but The Pixies were literally my early soundtrack cuz my room mates were playing them nonstop.

“THE” grunge question to conclude: How many plaid shirts do you have ?
Anti: None! But I’m a sucker for warm, scruffy cardigan sweaters. Hand-me-downs yes please!
Diddi: I have two but I wish I had 47 of them! I like’em Vato style!

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JON MAGNUSSON – Psalm för syndare

The unknown

Jon Magnusson is not Justin Bieber. He is even the opposite. I mean he is just a cool dude with no label, no music deal, nothing linked to any kind of business. But he sent me an email. A nice email with a link to his homepage that actually did not work. “I’m a musician and producer who records my own stuff in my home studio. I just released a new song in Swedish called “Psalm för syndare”. It’s a folk/pop song with a punky feeling”, he said. And he was right.

So we are talking about a nobody who just enjoys making music from time to time, about a guy who just released several little tunes, including his latest one, a pop song with Swedish lyrics called “Psalm för syndare” and a video to go with it. It is written “professional social worker and hobby musician” on his website. And the music? Well, let’s quote Jon again: “The music I write and play is sometimes plain folk or sometimes more punk. Still my ambitions aren’t that big. I just think it’s a hell lot of fun to write, play and record my songs and hopefully someone will like them as well”. Oh, dear do it yourself Internet era…

Sure, I do not think this song will change my life forever, but I enjoy it enough to mention it in this blog. Cause Absolut Noise is not something that serious. It is ad free. It can give a little room to unknown people with cool songs. And if you are not into this home-made spirit, there is still Aftonbladet to read.

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NÄV – Djävla Kladd / Lyft På Luggen / Diggilodiggamej (PREMIERE!)

Bring back the riot, man

It all happened by chance. I went to the Bring me the fucking riot… man Facebook page because I was wondering if the band – one of my favourite – had definitely split up. I mean forever. Surprise, I discovered there songs from another band I never heard about. It was NÄV, a brand new trio with two ex-riot guys (Jens Sjögren and Jon Graffe) and Christoffer Roth who has already been involved in many different music projects (as I pointed out here). So, yeah, this is a “premiere”: premiere for the video within this post and premiere with those three tunes that Google has barely heard about.

And the music? Well, it actually makes sense that the rioters and Christoffer join their forces. All of them have always put simplicity in the centre of their music. So do not expect too smart stuff then. Just straight to the point songs with energy and melody. And Swedish lyrics. Exactely the kind of music praised in this blog.

This deserved a little Q&A with the guys. Here you go:

I lost track of Jens and Jon when your previous band “Bring me the fucking riot… man” split. And I did love Christoffer first album but it was a while ago. What happened in between? And how has NÄV actually been born?
We started with an idea to make music really simple, and in the moment without thinking too much. We never start a discussion about an idea, but instead do what we can with it. In that way we make songs really fast with less brain than heart. I don’t know if we actually formed a band, we just wanted to find a way to spend more time together. But I guess we’re a band now! We’re all good friends and we just thought we’d see what we could make toghether. Our previous or ongoing bands are still what they are, or were.

What does “NÄV” mean?
NÄV is the way the word nerv (meaning nerve) is pronounced in the south of Sweden.

How would you describe your “sound”?
It is what it is. Sounds great!

If you ask me, I would say keyboard plays a big part in NÄV music. And to be honest, I am quite amazed by the numbers of Swedish bands that use a keyboard. Is it the 1980s influence? Am I making any sense?
In our case we just grabbed one instrument each when we came to the studio, and Christoffer went for the synthesizer. It limits you in a good way to play in a band with no guitars.

My Swedish is quite poor, I mean… “jag pratar inte Svenska”. Could you please let me know what lyrics deal with in your songs?
We write the lyrics in the same way we make the music, from the top of our heads, and we all seem to be interested in people’s relation to each other and to the society and all the systems we’re in together.

Since you mention “people’s relation to each other and to the society”, how do you explain the rise of the extreme-right wing in Sweden?
In Sweden there is at the moment basically one political party that carries the voice of the extreme right. SD is a party that has grown since the mid 90′s and that has its roots in outspoken fascism and racist movements. They have worked hard since then to make their tone more ”household” on the outside but without changing on the inside. They are still racists, nazists and fascists that uses people’s worries and fears to gain ground at the political arena. They are a disgusting, populist party with a badly hidden agenda.

Finally, what’s next with the band? An EP? An album planned?
We don’t have a master plan, but we have enough songs for an album now, so we will definitely release something soon.

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CONNY NIMMERSJÖ – Aldrig tyst igen

(Verse) chorus (verse)

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So there is this guy, member of Bob Hund and Dödsfest. His name is Conny Nimmersjö. He is the only Conny I know. And the only Nimmersjö I heard about cause this name is not very French even if it might sound Swedish. I don’t know. What I do know though is that his second album “Tänk, nyss var här så trevligt” is hell of a fun. Punk with a pop side. Or pop with a punk attitude. Melodic punk I would say. I will come back to it when it will be out in March 2015.

“Aldrig tyst igen” is the first single of this second album. It just came out. It does sound like a Bob Hund tune, i.e. kind of crazy. And punk as I pointed out. I have no idea what Conny is shouting about but it gives me energy. And no need to fight: it is damn impossible to resist to this chorus!

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WHITE BIRCHES – Hunting (premiere)


When I started this blog in 2006 (yes, 8 years ago!) I wanted to write first about the artists I liked. Nowadays, I still want to give artists I like the widest audience as possible, and still want to mention them asap. But being the first one is not an obsession. Just a wish. Anyway, this post is what you call a “premiere” i.e. this is the first blog to mention this song.

The tune we are talking about is called “Hunting”. The band which cooked it is White Birches. I had actually never heard about them before, but they released their debut EP “Stands of White Birches” during spring 2014. “Hunting” is therefore their return single. It will be out on next Monday the 19th. Later, in spring 2015, will come their debut album.

Their label Birds will sing for you sums up the band as a duo with “indie-vaudeville singer Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and electronica artist Fredrik Jonasson”. They also mention David Lynch as an influence.

Spot on! “Hunting” could easily fit in a Lynch soundtrack. Cause there is some mystery lying beneath Jenny’s voice. And some obsessive feeling underneath those electro beats. Damn cloudy darkness. The storm seems about to break. Am definitely curious to listen to the whole album to come…

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