JACOB DOUGLAS – Hellion (new song + live video)

That’s all folk

Jacob Douglas (member of Sonjagon, do you remember?).
Some guitars.
And “Hellion” a new song played live through YouTube.
Nice. #soooooryanadamsish

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PIG EYES – Pig Eyes


Hell of a band, those Pig Eyes. I mean, literally. Their music comes from hell and I guess one can have only sympathy for those devils. I mean they here to bring heavy metal into your mind, your stomach and your bones. And it works on their new eponymous LP. Much more than their previous releases, if you ask me.

I confess I am not that much into “heavy” stuff (am more into “punk”, if those categories still mean something nowadays, where everything is mixep up), but I can listen to this music all over and over again.

If you need some references, let’s say the band include members from In Solitude, Nitad, Paper, Kvoteringen and Trapdoor Fucking Exit. If you need to be definitely convinced, just listen to “Dirge”: the most exhilarating song I heard for months.

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STEGET – Till slut (album review)


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I was all “wow”, “yeaahh” and “greeeat” when Steget first album came out. So I was quite excited when I saw “Till slut”, their new release, was ready.

To sum it up, let’s say the record sounds “Swedish”. Very. Not only because the lyrics are in Swedish. It is more the nostalgia in Matilda Sjöström’s sweet voice that strikes me. And the darkness underneath the sweet piano of this duo.

Sure, I wish there would be in the track listing more immediate catchy “pop” tunes such as “Bakom ryggen” than too-calm-for-my-tastes ballads (in this respect, I am not really into songs like “Aldrig tillbaks” or “Som om”). But all in all, this is music with cachet an the whole trip deserves a careful listen.

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KID WAVE – All I want EP

The beginning, two years after

I wrote there a while ago (two years ago, actually!) how fun Kid Wave was. I say it again since their debut single All I Want and b-side Young Blood is now out on Heavenly Recordings.

Sounds like a pop version of The Vines, when The Vines was a good band. Or a pop version of Sad Day of Puppets. Or just a very promising young band.

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SCHOOL – So Long (video)

The return of my fav Swedish pop newcomer

This artist is AbsRecommended

I already said this was some pop genius.
I say it again.
And now, they have a new video!
School, definitely one of my favourite newcomer.

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