AbsNoise 2007 Quizz, part three ! Here we go again. Some questions, some answers. And some news questions from those answers, like is the new Kent album really boring ? And the latest Wilco, boring as well ? And also, and if Radiohead’s In Rainbows was actually disappointing ? And finally, is James Ausfahrt the best live performer in all of Sweden ?

No need to look for an mp3, there is none. But if you’re curious you might find some stuff that you did not know and that you’re gonna like, thanks to the links… (NB : no translation in French this time).

My guests today : Love is All, Promise & the Monster, Laakso, David Ahlen and Antennas.

AbsNoise 2007 Quizz

1/ The three best things that happened to you in 2007 ?

2/ Your favourite(s) Swedish newcomer(s) ?

3/ The record of a Swedish artist you have listened to the most ?

4/ The record of an international artist you have listened to the most ?

5/ The record which disappointed you the most ?

6/ A movie and/or a TV show/sitcom and/or a book you loved in 2007 ?

7/ What are your plans for 2008 ?

Love is all

Josephine (singer of Love is All)
1/ The four great things of 2007 were :
Driving around in Tuscany and Umbria
The tour in Australia
Spending time in San Francisco
A new stove.
2/ I like
Gabo and the Wastrels. And James Ausfahrt – best live performer in all of Sweden.
3/ Crap, I don’t know. I’m not sure if I bought any… but I like hearing Anna Järvinen, José Gonzalez, Taken by trees and Shout out louds on the radio.
4/ New ones? Probably Liars and Deerhoof.
5/ Couldn’t say.
6/ I watched all of the wire, a lot of Jacques Pepin cooking shows, some Julia Child… and I recently saw Fanny and Alexander again, which is always good.
7/ Hopefully tour a lot. See new places. Release the record. Buy new things for our studio. Record more songs. Get better at baking bread.

Markus (drummer of Love is all)
Being able to work full time as a musician
Going to Australia on tour
Good times at home in Gothenburg with friends
2/ Gabo and the Wastrels
3/ Gabo and the Wastrels, The Faintest Ideas, Zero
4/ Meatus Murder
5/ The fact that no Love is all album was released in 2007
6/ Old Kubrick films / Tårtan, Curb your enthusiasm / The unspeakable Skipton
7/ Finish and release the new Love is all album. Some touring. Keep building our recording studio and record some cool bands there.

Promise & the Monster
Falling in love
Make records
2/ Her record isn’t out yet, but I really recommend everybody to listen to Karin Turesson. Her music is amazing in many many ways. Her debut album is released in Sweden within a couple of months I think. And then I have to say Elenette. Too bad that there is a language barrier there, but they are truly good too. They will release two EPs soon! And then of course Fatboy ! I think their new record will be smashing.
3/ I think it’s a tie between Laakso and Jens Lekman. I have listened a lot to Jeniferever as well. They are friends of mine from Uppsala, and if you are into epic storytelling postrock/pop, then you should check them out.
4/ I have no idea. maybe it’s Jesse Sykes, or Sixteen Horsepower. But it could be anything really.
5/ Nothing has disappointed me, but Kent‘s new album isn’t that good.
6/ Well, I have been trying to read all the classics in 2007. I’ve read a lot of Swedish writers, among them Selma Lagerlöf. International writers that I read and found interesting were (in no particular order) Marguerite Duras, Herman Hesse, Virginia Woolf and Bulgakow.
7/ Basically the same as this year. Make music, study, and try to grow up and get older and wiser.

Markus from Laakso
I visited Ikea
Cleaned the old dirt away and started a new life, woho.
Got a lot of movies from Micke in the band and making the last record
2/ Mapei
3/ Imperiet, a compilation or actually mostly the songs Vargen kommer and Surabaja johnny
4/ Justice, Chromatics
5/ Neon bible is a good album but i had such crazy expectations. It still is one of the better albums this year
6/ Albert Spears memoars, The proposition, 2 days in Paris, Dexter
7/ Visiting Ikea more often and copy the lives of the other customers, consuming happiness and normality. Making less music.

David Ahlen

My sisters wedding.

People being more aware of the global warming.

Me and my wife have started a venue for acoustic music and arts in Stockholm.

1. Dear Euphoria
2. A beautiful friend

3. Promise and the monster

4. Little Dragon

5. Wildbirds and peacedrums

3/ Andreaz Hedén & Gösta Rundqvist – If I can stop one heart from breaking
Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans
Radiohead – In rainbows
The book The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne

- Spend time with my family,
Release two albums, We sprout in thy Soil (acoustic) and a new Namur album [AbsNoise : Namur is the previous David's project].
- Climb in trees with my daughter
- Share life with my neighbours
- Work as booker at our venue
- Write a book

First and foremost, the European tour that we did this summer. It was a blast and we met so many nice people.
We started recording our new album that we spent several months preparing for.
We got distribution in France with a label that seems really nice.
2/ Our new labelmates and old friends in Norma released their first album which we are really into. We really like Love is a Burning Thing as well.
3/ See above answer. We don’t necessarily recognize national borders (or any borders for that matter) when it comes to music.
4/ Three albums that we all listened to a lot during the past year :
Of Montreal – Hissing Fauna are you the Destroyer
Shy Child – Noise won’t stop
Justice – Cross (or whatever)
It is also necessary to stress that the three members that make up Antennas have vastly different tastes in music so it’s kind of hard to point out specific, blah, blah, blah…
5/ The new album by Wilco. Boring.
6/ The Pickup Artist (hilarious game-show), Flight of the Conchords (hilarious TV-show)
7/ New album, tour, and just generally working our asses off to promote our beautiful new album. It has non-anthemic slacker anthems, stalker-pop, dancetracks on suicide, and more!

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