AbsNoise 2007 Quizz, part four. Again : some questions, some answers. Easy. Enjoy.

No need to look for an mp3, there is none. But if you’re curious you might find some stuff that you did not know and that you’re gonna like, thanks to the links… (NB : no translation in French this time).

My guests today : Tiger Lou and his gorgeous wife Firefox AK, Don´t be a stranger, Sven Johansson, Autisterna and Lacrosse.

AbsNoise 2007 Quizz

1/ The three best things that happened to you in 2007 ?
2/ Your favourite(s) Swedish newcomer(s) ?
3/ The record of a Swedish artist you have listened to the most ?
4/ The record of an international artist you have listened to the most ?
5/ The record which disappointed you the most ?
6/ A movie and/or a TV show/sitcom and/or a book you loved in 2007 ?
7/ What are your plans for 2008 ?

Tiger Lou
1. Me and the Mrs finally got a puppy: Bess!
2. Started working on my third Tiger Lou album.
3. Spent 8 months in Berlin.
2/ Ozgur Can (he’s a newcomer to me!)
3/ In 2007: Ozgur Can – Changed 12″. Ever: Refused- The Shape Of Punk To Come
4/ In 2007: The Fountain soundtrack by Clint Mansell. Ever: Dj Shadow – Endtroducing
5/ Dj Shadow – The Outsider
6/ Movie: The Fountain by Darren Arronovsky, Book: The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Cleaver. Tv show: Dexter
7/Finish my album A Partial Print, do some touring, move to Berlin for good, train Bess to be a good dog and drink some nice wine and eat a lot of Italian food. Pretty much.

Firefox AK
My niece Zoe
My dog Bess
My record If I were a Melody
2/ Papercut, Torpedo and Blanche
3/ Bobby BabyLoves to dance
4/ Thom Yorke – The Eraser
5/ Hm, I can’t think of one
6/ TV show: Californication. Book: Everything is illuminated and Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Movie: The Fountain
7/ My second album If I were a Melody will be released on the 20th of Feb in Scandinavia, so I’ll tour during the spring, and move back to Berlin in fall and hopefully become a better person.

Don´t be a stranger

We gave birth to Frutti di mare [AbsNoise: their first album] Got a home
We took great trips together
2/ Pueblo, Konie, Don´t be a stranger
3/ Pueblo – Darkness keeps on rising, Konie – Are you ok?
4/ Kukka – Collected works
5/ Don´t remember
6/ A documentary on P1 (the Swedish public service radio) called Bomb Irak – What a hit
7/ Love it, fall in love, have extremely fun, make love, learn all about environmental-friendly purchase, make great new music, draw extremely good, laugh a lot, spend time with friends, be healthy, be good, travel and play in places we never dreamt of going to, be inspired, see, hear, feel (read) marvellous art and breathtaking nature

Sven Johansson from the Second Band

1. I had a relly great trip to London with Dear Euphoria [AbsNoise : Sven produced her record], we played at the Luminare.
2. I moved to Stockholm, to live on a boat
3. A walk in a forrest near by my studio with my girlfriend, it was fantastic
2/ Salem al fakir
3/ Salem al fakir – This is who I am
4/ Wes Montgomery – The silver collection
5/ Besides all my musical projects I’m recording an album with my Sven Johansson Band and I thought It would be done in May but still it hasn´t found its way home…
6/ Science of sleep ; Me, you & everyone we know : great movies
7/ Finishing the album with Sven Johansson Band, playing gigs with the Second Band, and hoppfully some gigs with Dear Euphoria. And of course i will be recording different projects, maybe an new EP with Swiss Air.


We met Mattias Glavå
We recorded with Mattias the EP that will be released in 2008
We got a record deal.
2/ Säkert!
3/ Håkan HellströmEtt kolikbarns bekännelser
4/ The Clash – London Calling
5/ Suede – Head Music and A New Morning
6/ Ingmar Bergman – The Magic Lantern (autobiography from 1988)
7/ In 2008 we will release our debut album and hopefully tour a lot.

Tobias from Lacrosse
Lacrosse became a band with six great members!
We got signed to Tapete Records.
We recorded our first album.
2/ Lacrosse !
3/ SonoresElefanten
4/ Air – Pocket Symphony
5/ No answer!
6/ The science of sleep
7/ Touring and maybe start the recordings for album no 2. Conquer the world.

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