For my 2008 thing, I asked three easy questions to several Swedish artists :
:-) –> who/what did you love within the Swedish music scene this year?
:-( –> who/what disappointed you within the Swedish music scene this year?
N. –> your favourite newcomer(s) ?

As I’m nice, I put a video and some mp3 of songs mentionned by those artists.
For my French readers : désolé les gars : billet trop long = pas de traduction !

First Aid Kid – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes cover)
(live in the woods video)

Artists picks :
Hastpojken – Caligula (mp3)
First Aid Kid – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes cover) (mp3)

Today, my guests are the Bear Quartet’s boys : Jari Haapalainen, Mattias Alkberg and Calle Olsson, and also the wonderful Hajen, who just released a Christmas song (check out the end of this post). I’m happy Jari Haapalainen mentionned her in his “best of” ,since she is definitely one of the Swedish artists I enjoyed the most this year (my post about her here).

Jari Haapalainen
From the Bear Quartet, Heikki, Park Hotell.
He’s also a producer.

:-) –> The voice of Hajen.

:-( –> The Bear Quartet not releasing an album this year.
N. –> Hajen.

Mattias Alkberg
From the Bear Quartet, ex-Mattias Alkberg BD.
:-) –> I loved Hästpojken, Veronica Maggio and the scene in Umeå, evovling around Ny Våg Records. All their bands are great. And Mattias Alkberg BD : we were really on the verge of something groundbreaking. A shame I couldn’t go on with it. But the songs remain.

:-( –> Myself for having too much faith in record labels and that I, because of that, failed to record and release one single album worth of classics.

N. –> Hästpojken. Park Hotell aren’t exactly newcomers, I think.

Calle Olsson
From the bands Paddington DC, Paper and the Bear Quartet.
:-) –> Paper, Konie, Fibromyalgi, Paddington Distortion Combo, 1900, 91an, Systematic Bombers, TIAC, The Dumb Crew, Blomman, nmtiö.

:-( –> Everyone not included on the list above, myself because I didn’t release enough PDC-albums.

N. –> Fibromyalgi, “1900” music by Christian Gabel.

:-) –> Well, from my personal point of view, this year has been quite lame. Though, Håkan Hellström did spit out his best album ever, and the Tallest Man On Earth made sure to feed us for a long, long time through his debut album and his very existence. The two amazing components of First Aid Kit stunned me completely with their version of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. Finally, the birth or the growing process of many fantastic and purely genuine, conceptual festivals with divoted arrangers. Fabriksvägen, SkankaLoss to mention a few. I guess, considering the greatly limited amount of people, we did quite well after all.

:-( –> Don’t know. Perhaps it was that the inflation of institutional, music orientated festivals in Sweden showed that the whole thing is on its peak, supposely. For good and for worse, of course. I mean, somehow the core in the original function of these festivals is slowly getting all washed out, just as the music industry in a whole. Too much consumption, too little diversity. Probably this is not something new, but it got very obvious to me this summer.

N. –> The Tallest Man on Earth is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to Swedish music. There’s nothing more complete and genuine. Ever. Perhaps Refused were close to it. But this is the kind of music that frightens you and shakes your bones. By its beaty an honesty.

PS : Hajen made a brand new song for Christmas. You can download it here. Hurry, it will remain available only until the 31 December. The whole benefits of the sales is going to the Stadsmissionen Göteborg.

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