BEST OF 2010 : MY FAV ALBUMS (N° 2-3-4)

Here is my best of 2010: my 10 favourite Swedish albums of this year.
Today: numbers 2, 3 and 4.
(Désolé les mecs, mais ce billet sera uniquement en anglais afin qu’il conserve une taille raisonnable).
2. Pascal
Orkanen Närmar Sig

My review of this album : here.
To get all the songs of the album : here.
Mp3 : Pascal – Orkanen Närmar sig

Pascal – Inte redo (live video)

Let’s be straight: in 2010, two records were a step better than the Swedish others. For the first one, read this blog tomorrow. The second is the one cooked by Pascal. Pascal: the band David Lynch would need for the soundtrack of any of his movies. A rock band with two girls, a guy and an incredible tensed sound. Since the release of their third album Orkanen Närmar Sig back in January 2010, they stand at the top of the Swedish music scene. Cause this record is very close to perfection. They are supposed to release a split album next year with Mattias Alkberg. That’s my most awaited record of 2011.
3. Skatan
We are all children with different titles

My review of this album : here.
To get the album : here.
Mp3 : Skatan – Nobody

Skatan – Shine (live video)

I might be the only one to put this record in my top ten list, but I truly consider the young Simone (aka Skatan) as one of the most talented singer from Sweden. A newcomer who remains quite anonymous in her country, but I guess she will eventually meet the audience she deserves It is just a matter of time. Right now, you should listen to her debut album and discover the great qualities of this girl, half-storyteller, half-witch. Dive into her little Lewis Carrollish world. It is worth the trip.
4. Bad hands
Take the money and run

My review of this album : here.
To get all the songs of the album : here.
Mp3 : Bad Hands – Andra relationen

Bad Hands – Kick you out + Andra relationen (live video)

Bad Hands is the funny project of Per Nordmark (who used to play in Fireside). His record features the cream of the cream of the Swedish music scene, from Nina Kinert to Pelle Almqvist. Per does not sing. He is a drummer, his album is full of hits: I guess it makes sense. To me, this is the most amusing album in 2010. The perfect record to be feeling great. You won’t resist to Andra relationen. Trust me.

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