To end this year 2010, I asked Swedish artists I like what they remember from this past year. Three questions:
1. What did you like in music this year (globally, not specifically in Sweden)?
2. What did you hate?
3. Can you give me a hint about a Swedish newcomer worth to be listened?
Today, it seems the whole Swedish music scene loves Anna Von Hausswolff.

Anna Von Hausswolff – Gloomy Sunday (live version)

Anna von Hausswolff
1. I like the new genre witchhouse who has grown quite big and hyped just through out a couple of months. Salem is my favorite band, and more bands are comming, but I guess I will grow out of the clothes of this new genre pretty soon, because when “dark music” becomes dark just for the sake of it, it can easily loose its authenticity. But right now, I think it´s absolutely gorgeous music.
2. I really hate when they close down the record shops here in Sweden, I guess it is happening more or less all over the world, but since I am a real CD lover, it breaks my heart so see the fantastic CD culture beeing shut down by society. I hate this fenomena (this may not be presenting 2010´s most hateful events, since it has been going on for a couple of years, but I guess it bothers me a lot). But, I also hate the person who stole my Ipod in Copenhagen this august. Now, I am walking around with my old CD player, to big for my pocket, and desperetly searching for record shops!
3. Well, we have Idiot wind with her gorgeous voice, and also my close friend Det stora monstret who has not yet finished his recordings with Christopher Berg but I find his music already very appealing. And, I googled on my old friend “Xenia Kriisin”, and this is what I found: I love it, because it makes me absolutely happy!
Ah, also, there is Andreas Tengblad: he is finishing his debut album in Swedish and what I´ve heard so far is absolutely stunning!!! He will blow you away.

This is head
1. I really liked Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today: great album, nice and warm summer music for everyone.

2. We prefer to love.
3. Anna von Hausswolff.

Promise & the Monster
1. Anna von Hausswolff was the Swedish star of 2010. No doubt about it. Well, starwise maybe it was Robyn, who is very professional, but Anna has intensity and simply makes heart aching songs about life and death, and that is just what we need in this country populated by bored, ironic preps. Thumbs up also for a bunch of people who has a group called “Ny musik för hållbar utveckling” (New music for sustainable development, sort of, I don’t know) . They do live shows with obscure, entertaining, fun DYI acts, and they are into old cassettes (yes, the actual thing, the tape) and unlistenable punk/lo-fi music. That comforts me in a subtle way.

2. Hated the lack of imagination from the higher level indie scene (let’s compare it to the upper middle class section). It felt like a lot of the old usual bla bla bla. And also the difficulty of writing songs with both your heart and your brain ; it’s actually quite a tough one.
3. I haven’t been a top student about Swedish music lately, sorry to say. I think I should listen to Nina Kinert‘s new album. I suppose that something that is totally about Star Wars can’t be bad. And there is actually a very very brilliant musician whos name is Mattias Malm. He has a band called Everyday Mistakes who’s album maybe is coming out next year. There has been trouble with the record label but my new year’s wish for 2011 would have to be that the Everyday Mistakes record will be released. The world has to hear it!

Dear Euphoria
1. What I remember (at this moment) and was into 2010: Damien Jurado’s stunning album Saint Bartlett. Beach House’s Teen Dream and a major girlcrush on Victoria. The minimalistic and revolutionary The XX. Some kind of unconditional love for The National despite the lame show at the Way Out West Festival and not blowing me away as much with their latest record High Violet as with their previous one Boxer. Jónsi live this summer, making me cry just like when I saw him the first time with Sigur Rós in LA 2002. I’m Kingfisher and his allegorical poetic lyrics. Anna von Hausswolff as a force of nature. Sleigh bells and Crystal Castles are as hardcore as it gets in my playlist. IamamiwhoamI for their creativity and freakyness. And finally. Just the other day a friend shared a song with me that I really liked: When saints go machine – Fail forever.
2. I generally try not to be a hater.
3. Maybe Linnea Olsson. After playing the cello behind every other swedish popstars she proves to be just fabulous on her own.

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