To end this year 2010, I asked Swedish artists I like what they remember from this past year. Three questions:
1. What did you like in music this year (globally, not specifically in Sweden)?
2. What did you hate?
3. Can you give me a hint about a Swedish newcomer worth to be listened?
Today, it’s nearly all about The Bear Quartet with three of its members: Matti, Jari and Calle. In addition, three friends of BQ: Erik, singer of Masshysteri + Julia and Kim from Penny Century, a pop band named after the title of BQ’s first record (Julia actually sung with BQ during their latest summer tour).

The Bear Quartet – Lovers Goodbye

Mattias Alkberg

(singer of
The Bear Quartet and solo project)
1. I enjoyed this documentary, it made me wanna tour endlessly and rock out with my cock out:
2. Young white Scandinavians, working in media, in tight clothes and over-sized glasses, listening to hip hop, going to parties, slumming and blogging about it. Examples are too many to link. Besides, I don’t wanna give the fuckers any more recognition than they already have.

3. Raketen. I’m somewhat involved, I played two shows with them in the summer, and I wrote a song (ten years ago, or something) that I recorded with them this summer. But they’re (we’re…) good, aren’t they (we…)? Anna, the singer, is releasing a soloalbum under the name of Birgit Bidder as well. You should really check it out.

Jari Haapalainen
(member of
The Bear Quartet and producer)
1. – Katell KeinegAt the mermaid parade
- Seeing Melt banana, live, in Paris, in September.
2. Everything to do with the Swedish elections.

Calle Olsson
(member of The Bear Quartet, Paper and Paddington DC)
2. All bands considering themselves alternative, indie, underground or whatever. Just because you suck please don´t excuse yourselves with a label… I also hate all other bands I´ve heard with four exceptions.
3. Vernichtung – I am the past I am the present I am the future is the only album you´ll need in 2011.

(singer of Masshysteri)

1. – The Bear Quartet89 was released late 2009, but played all 2010
- The Potential Johns 7″
- Sur-rur
- Night Fever liveshows
- Mattias Alkberg with Nerverna
- Bäddat För TrubbelSånt är livet
- The Ziphs
- Radio Dept.Clinging To A Scheme
2. Everything that treats music as an industry
3. Terrible Feelings (AbsNoise: damn right! Read this post I wrote about them)

Julia Hanberg
(singer of
Penny Century)
1. My two favourite albums of 2010: The Bear QuartetMonty Python and Patrik BacklundPatrik Backlund is an arsonist.
2. I prefer focusing on the good stuff.
3. Something that I would recommend people to listen to is Anaugh Conda and Kork Kir. Two bands from my hometown, Östersund.

Kim Fastesson

(guitarist in
Penny Century)

1. The best thing about music in 2010 was that Mogwai revealed the title for their upcoming album. It’s called “Hardcore will never die, but you will” and might be the heaviest title for an album, ever. Now of course, that’s not really music so here’s my list of albums, songs or concerts, from 2010 that deserves to be mentioned (No particular order):
Wilco at Cirkus in Stockholm (Concert)
The New PornographersCrash Years (Song)
The Bear QuartetYou You You You You You (Song)
PopterrorDet är något som händer (Song)
Beach HouseTen mile stereo (Song)
Band of HorsesFactory (Song)
Wolf Parade - Expo 86 (Album)
Wild NothingGemini (Album)
YeasayerOdd Blood (Album)
YelawolfTrunk: Muzik 0-60 (Album)
Nick Cave and Warren Ellissoundtrack to The Road (Album/soundtrack)
2. Things I don’t like doesn’t really concern me so I leave that one empty…
3. Two of my favourite swedish acts at the moment are both located in Umeå, up north. Patrik Backlund might be one of Sweden’s best kept secret. Amazing songs, the kind of phenomenon where the songs perfectly matches the artist, and his costume. Patrik writes heartaching melodies and has always been one of my favourite lyricists.
The other act is “Hörnan” and his First Love, Last rites. It just sounds beautiful, noisy and dreamy, and thick. Layers of distorted guitars and somewhere far back in the mix amazing melodies.

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