To end this year 2010, I asked Swedish artists I like what they remember from this past year. Three questions:

1. What did you like in music this year (globally, not specifically in Sweden)?

2. What did you hate?

3. Can you give me a hint about a Swedish newcomer worth to be listened?

Today, for my last post with Swedish artists reviewing the past year, some diverse but all great people.

Bad Hands – Kick you out (live at the Swedish TV)

Per Nordmark
Bad Hands, member of Kriget, ex-Fireside)
1. Well, we are swimming in an ocean of shit, the good thing is that there is some islands where we can dry up. So the good things are the Islands.
2. The ocean of shit.
3. Cristoffer Roth, really really good

Johan Angergård
(member of The Legends, Club 8 and Acid House Kings, runs Labrador records)
1.My top ten list:
1. Club 8The people’s record
2. The Radio Dept.Clinging To A Scheme
3. Television PersonalitiesA memory is better than nothing
4. A Place to Bury StrangersExploding head
5. SambassadeurEuropean
6. Wild NothingGemeni
7. Zola JesusStridilum II
8. Beach FossilsBeach fossils
9. Fool’s GoldFool’s gold
10. Blonde RedheadPenny sparkle
10. The SchoolLoveless Unbeliever
2. I didn’t hate that much this year to be honest. I’ve kept away from the crappy side of music quite well.
3. Next year will see the release of the best album in Swedish ever. It’s a band called Det Vackra Livet. It’s just so very amazing. And there’s a very young artist called Amanda Mair that will most likely release some great stuff too.

Gustaf Kjellvander
(singer of
The Fine Arts Showcase)
1. Musically, 2010 has been a strange year. I started off on kind of a Byrds / West coast pop art experimental band / Supremes trip…. was blown away by washington states Pharmacy (live at the venue Debaser malmö) in April (they also put out one of the best albums this year Weekend).
Also loads of friends have put out good/great albums Hästpojken, MF/MB/, my brother Christian etc…. heard a bunch of demos for Brian Jonestown Massacre next record and they sound awesome as were the two last songs of The Radio Dept. record Clinging To A Scheme, plus loads of old shit I’m forgetting now
2. I’ve hated what I always hate: people using their god givin talent (not that I believe in god) for evil instead of good…. If you can string a song together and write words QUIT. Working at some fucking advertizing agency and start a band…..I´d rather starv in the gutter than be on american idol, write jingles for some crappy commersial or some shit like that…
3. There are a lot of good bands coming out of Malmö at the moment MF/MB/ are like a mix between Spacemen3 and LCD soundsystem…. plus I used to live with Victor (their very talented wordsmith/singer) and they are all supersweet…..

James Ausfahrt
(member also of Love is all)
Podcasts: This has most definitely been the year of the podcast for me. Much thanks to WTF with Marc Maron. My favorite comedian’s bi-weekly free podcast. I still pay him $10 event hough I don’t have to, ’cause that’s how I think it should work. You can have it for free but if you like it, show it! Also This American life & RadioLab.
2. People with no interest in learning from the many mistakes of our past. Also how the whole guerrilla marketing move is ruining music. Or everything… Anyone trying to invade your soul to make you want something you don’t need is an asshole.
3. Ok, luckily there’s been some absolutely amazing things too. I mean I don’t want to jinx it, but the best songs I heard 2010 were from my friend Lina Adamsson. I don’t know if she’s gonna use a pseudonym or band name. But she’s basically the best. I will fight her like a madman just to make sure she releases something next year.

Steso Songs
1. Phantom BandThe Wants. The most perfect LP.
2. Everything else. Or it’s more that the music business is so disgusting that I try to stay away from it. There’s not much to like but good music will always find its way to me anyway.
3. Scout Klas. I’ve been stalking this genious for many years now. At first, she was doing wonderful lo-fi piano recordings. Now it’s more… hip-hop? Or what is it?

Alex Svenson-Metés
(member of Sad day for puppets)
1. Hail to Deerhunter‘s fourth album Halcyon digest. 2010 was a good year i think and this is certainly a favourite!
2. Ohh, hate is a stronger word than ‘not like’. I don’t like the way commercial hip-hop sounds today. All kinds of hip-hop based on bling-bling, naked chics, gangstas in big t-shirts and champagne is making people stupid. But, this isn’t anything new. It has been like that for 15 years. Bring back the two turntables and a microphone.
3. There is one guy who’s worth spending your time on, a Swedish artist called Little children. It’s indeed a soft, gentle and lovely way of making music. Look him up!

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