In 2006, Samuraj Cities’ Cheap Deluxe was my favourite record.
In 2007: Promise & the Monster’s Transparent knives.
In 2008: Paddington DC’s Love is Leukemia.
In 2009: Dear Euphoria’s Heal my violence.
In 2010: my fav one is Masshysteri’s Masshysteri.

(Désolé, pas de traduction en français pour cette fois-ci, afin que ce billet conserve une taille raisonnable).
1. Masshysteri

My review of this album : here.
To get the album : here or there.
Mp3 : Masshysteri – Dom kan inte höra musiken

Masshysteri – Låt dom hata oss (acoustic live version)

Masshysteri – Johnny B. Goode (cover Halloween live version)

This is a great story with a bad ending. They split. Yes, Masshysteri split. Too bad, their second album, called Masshysteri, remains my favourite one of the year. A “punk” record full of melodic/exciting/killer songs such as my obvious favourite Dom kan inte höra musiken (= “we can’t hear the music”). Well, if we will not be able to hear Masshysteri music anymore, we can remember this record as the perfect album for the (sonic) youth. The kind of music a James Dean XXIst century version would listen to just before to crash. Let me tell you: if you do not like Masshysteri, it means you are already old!

When the question came to pick my favourite album of 2010, it was actually not that difficult Masshysteri is the record I played the most in my ipod this year and I do not even switch songs! By the way, fuck your slow songs: you will not find here any “I play rock n’ roll but I can be tender like Scorpions too” tunes. Masshysteri is not the kind of band that claims like Franz Ferdinand their music has been made “to make the girls dance”. That is not the point. In Umeå, the Swedish little town where those guys are from, one does not make punk music for girls. They just play fast, with anger and anxiety tunes, for boys, girls, animals, vegetables, aliens or whatever. Just for the hell of it. Because it’s fun. And nevermind the bollocks.

One question remains though: what’s next? Is it true? Is Masshysteri really dead? A split or a hiatus? Will they be back on tracks together? Will we see them again somewhere in some other bands? Many questions. Only one single answer: the album Masshysteri made in 2010 is a classic within the Swedish music scene for at least the next ten years.

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