Here is my last post dealing with 2010. A brief summary of my “best of” thing.

My favourite record of the year :
1. Masshysteri – Masshysteri

My nine other fav records of the year :
2. Pascal – Orkanen Närmar Sig
3. Skatan – We are all children with different titles
4. Bad hands – Take the money and run
5. The Open up & bleeds – An act of love and violence
6. Sad day for puppets – Pale Silver & Shiny Gold
7. Steget – Förändrar allting
8. Palpitation – Palpitation
9. Bedroom eyes – The Long wait champion
10. This is head – 0001

My 10 favourite videos : here.

What they thought of 2010…
Part 1 : Anna Von Hausswolff, This is head, Promise & the Monster, Dear Euphoria.
Part 2 : Mattias Alkberg, Jari Haapalainen, Paddington DC, Masshysteri, Penny Century.
Part 3 : Nina Kinert, I’m from Barcelona, Torpedo, Lowood, Karin Ström.
Part 4 : Riddarna, Du Pacque, Samuraj Cities, The Open up and bleeds, Niels Nielsen, Steget.
Part 5 : Bad Hands, The Legends, Love is all, The Fine Arts Showcase, Steso Songs, Sad day for puppets.

PS : remember my best of 2009? And my best of 2008? For the ones before check out the right column of this blog.

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