ZAU GLÜCK – Anything you want

Straight to the point

Références musicales : The Von Bondies, The Libertines, The Subways, Blood red shoes, Mando Diao

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I believe in simplicity. That might be the reason why bands such as Animal Collective make me bored. Too clever. Too “hey do you see how much I thought before to compose this song?”.

Zau Glück makes simple rock music. Straight to the point. Verse chorus verse. You can take it or leave it. I actually took it in September 2010, since I liked their song Von Youngs. Well, Anything you want is a step better. I can listen to it ten times in a row without getting bored. Now The Von Bondies are too old and Blood Red shoes not as good as before, I guess there is some room, next to The Subways, for a band like this.

So if I were you I would definitely remember this name: Zau Glück could become in a next future the rock equivalent to their pop fellow-countrywomen Those dancing days. Promising.

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