!!! (MF/MB/ Remix) – Jamie, My Intentions are Bass

Remix killed the Internet stars (but…)

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MF/MB – The Big Machine (video)
NB : this song was featured in the band’s debut record and is not a remix of their soon to be released album

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Références musicales : Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, LCD Soundsystem

When I said MF/MB debut album released last year was great, I underestimated the truth. This is one of those record that takes time to really get into your veins, but after it has eventually come over, you feel bloody ecstatic.

Good news, those guys do not lose time: they’re gonna release a new album called Altered on the 12th of July. Well, not really a NEW album, just a remix album of some of their own tracks and of tunes from other artists like Artisan Loyalist, The Sounds, Agent Side Grinder, Simian Ghost, Katharina Nuttall, Jesper Aubin or !!!

You can download for free in this post the remix of !!!’s Jamie, My Intentions are Bass (actually, MF/MB toured with this brilliant American band). I hate remixes, never mention them in this blog, but when the remix in question is that addictive, how can I resist?

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