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Du Pacque – Walk Straight (video)

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I’m sorry, but who are you? I mean, I cannot write a proper review about Du Pacque debut album Erotique Du Pacque (released today) without knowing if you are a regular reader of this blog or not. Because Du Pacque is one of those bands I have been following since their very beginning, back in 2006. Because, as I write every time I mention them in this blog, I cannot be objective since I might be one of the biggest Du Pacque fan on earth. Because this album is for me an oh-my-god-how-long-have-I-been-waiting-for-it one.

Sure, I could tell you about the way this band has evolved from a Brian Jonestown massacre classic rock band to a more adventurous kind of electro-rock combo. I could complain about some songs I mentionned previously in this blog that did not make it to the debut album tracklisting. But if I would do that, I would lose most of my readers.

So, let’s just keep it simple then. Let’s sum it up: Du Pacque is a band from Stockholm which plays rock music with explicit sexual content, a band to be listened to loud, with a charismatic leading singer named Matilda, some beautiful people behind the guitars, a wall of noise in the background, some stunning chorus and some great great songs such as Walk Straight, Erotique Du Pacque, Shut shut shut, Let me go down, Capitol City Girls, Talk is on or The Great Reveal. Ok, I can hear you, this is pretty much the whole album. But, hey, what did you expect? Du Pacque is the most exciting Swedish newcomer. Brilliantly sexy. The last word of the last line of the last song is “perfect”. It makes sense.


PS: The Erotique Du Pacque release party is taking place tonight at Debaser Slussen, in Stockholm. Pascal will be there too. You should come as well.



Short Questions/Answers with the singer Matilda

It’s come a long way since the first time I mentionned you in Absolut Noise. How has the band evolved since your beginnings back in 2006?
We have reduced members and sounds.

Am I wrong when I say you have evolved from a Brian Jonestown Massacre classic rock type to a more adventurous band with an “electro touch” ?
No, that sounds right!

Why this title “Erotique Du Pacque”?
it came with the name, always was.

The best place to listen to it?
I tried a two-hour walk across Stockholm last night with the record really loud in headphones. That works.

There are English, German and French in the lyrics? Why not Swedish?
Never thought of it. But it would be nice to go elsewhere

It seems you pay a lot of attention to the visual part of the band, with nice videos, logo and all. To which extent do you think a music artist should nowadays deal with its image as much as its sound?
It’s nice when bands do. But they don’t have to.

Just a fan-question : why Chaperon or Quiet did not make it to the tracklisting?
Ehm… no space left, but Chaperon is my baby.

What were you doing before to answer those questions?
Rehearsed and then went to a bar and then walked across the city, again.


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  1. Mark says:

    Where can we get their music these days? I love their old music and I still need to get this album. Downloads, CDS…how and where?

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