Mattias Alkberg – Anarkist (record review)

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Mattias Alkberg – Asterism & Obelisk (video)

Références musicales : Elvis, The Smiths, Elliott Smith, The Bear Quartet

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I wish I were an anarkist. Anarchist, I mean. A true one. Not the one with the 20 euros black T-shirts with the red anarchy logo on it. Just the one who builds his own rules and what the hell what you think about them. I like to think I actually happen to be one from time to time. But am not that sure: if you really decide to make it through your own way, you might want as well to renounce to what Americans call a “career” and what parents call “ambition”.

I am not sure neither if Mattias Alkberg is actually an anarkist. But for sure he goes his own way. And his new album – named Anarkist, if you are silly enough to did not get my point yet – is special without being obscure. It is gonna be out on the 21st of September through Teg Publishing. The best you can do is to order it, since it is sold as a beautiful object with a book and everything (please support your local anarchist).

Somehow, this album reminds his great debut one. The Nerverna one. But it is even better. Kind of folk (like the song Bit i kudden, skattebetalare). Kind of rock (Dementorer). Kind of pop (Asterism & Obelisk). Kind of punk (Håll mig!) Kind of AntonyandtheJohnsonsbutwithaheaviervoice (80 vårar). But not common. It sounds as if Matti was singing under his shower, or singing through the park, or… well… not as if he was singing in a music studio, I mean. It feels free. And it is probably the best record he was involved in during the last couple of years.

How does this guy manage to cook a record every year (actually two in 2011), through his own, through the Bear Quartet or through another project, remains a mystery to me.

Anyway, I am sorry kids, but all your Angloswedixon young bands cannot compete : Matti Alkberg remains the father, grandfather, godfather and big brother of the Swedish music scene. He kicks your ass.

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