SOVIAC – French new single

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?

Soviac – Ogashaga (video)
NB : This is not a new Soviac song but an ooooold one.

Références musicales : Shellac, Paper, Primal Scream

Soviac – French (new single)

Excuse my French, but Soviac is the fucking sexiest band in Sweden. With Du Pacque of course (but we will talk about that soon… like on the 28th of September).

I have always considered them as one of the most underrated band within their home country. After all, it has beed 13 years than Soviac is making their wiggly electro-rock. Good news: they’re back with a new single named French, released on the very good label NoMethod Records. The lyrics are in French but do not mean a proper thing. I mean, sure, the words do exist, but all in all they do not build any coherent sentence in my mother tongue.

For a French guy like me, it’s fun. For a non-French like you, it might be fun as well. Anyway, as usual, with those guys, it’s hot, exciting and sweaty. With probably a little bit less rage than before. But still I am really looking forward to listening to their soon to be released album.

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