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My “best of 2011″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine:
:-) : What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden
:-( : What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden
N. : They favourite Swedish newcomer.

Today, some crazy artists from up north. Strong point of view. And fun.


Edward Forslund (RIDDARNA)

:-) Albums:
Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo. The entire album is so good. Favourite tracks at the moment: Puppet to the man, On tour.
My Morning Jacket – Circuital. This album has really grown on me. Favourite track: The Day is Coming.

I got really drunk one night and accedently caught this two piece rockin’ band from Nashville playing live in Gothenburg: Jeff the Brotherhood. I haven’t listened to them since that night, online or anything, and I don’t intend to in case they suck. I just remember that I loved their performance and I want to keep my memory of them that way. And I’m pretty sure it was an awesome show.

Some songs from 2011 that I liked:
War on Drugs – Baby missiles. This song is like a never ending chorus.
Paper – Coming from you. Another never ending song, and it kind of sucks you into it. It just keeps on going and going
The Archers – Moon over Istanbul. A surf band from Gothenburg.
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake. Scary song.
Quit Your Dayjob – Drunk all over the world. Here we have a band from Malmö in Sweden making a statement/confession.

:-( I’m going to focus my complaining on a music experience I had on my vacation. I went on vacation to L.A with my girlfriend and we entered a random club where some local bands were playing. The music they played was the most horrible thing. There were like four bands and they all played that new wave of emo that’s been coming from the US and suchlike for a while. They sounded like “Before their eyes” and other three-word-band-name bands in that genre that use auto tune on the vocals in every chorus. I almost couldn’t believe this music was for real. It was beyond bad. Actually, I now remember that the last time I had the chance to complain here at Absolut Noise I also went on about this kind of music and I guess I could go on for a while. But, fortunate for you, I have to stop now and run off to meet Erik and Patrik and catch a train. We’re going to another town where we’re doing the last show of this year tonight. Oh, and Lulu is of course a joke. That shit is just crazy bad. But still amusing to complain about.

N. Some up and coming swedish bands (almost all of them from Gothenburg I realize):

I saw a band called Odyssey live at the Siesta! festival here in Sweden. Once again I was intoxicated but man they gave everything they had and at the end of the show the lead singer smashed his instrument and went of stage and puked. And then we all became friends.

Out of Vogue. A new Swedish hardcore band from Gothenburg.

I saw a gig a couple of weeks ago with local Gothenburgian band called Honey Mustard that was really good. They have a kind of 90′s pop/grunge/rock thing going on with really nice melodies and a good vibe to the music.

If you’re into garage pop and punk you should check out another band from Gothenburg called Tyred Eyes.

These bands are all close to releasing their debut albums I believe, so maybe you can’t listen to their latest tracks just yet.

Another thing: the retarded Swedish band Fucking Werewolf Asso released their own computer game which is even more disturbing than the band itself and also very difficult to complete. I’ve come as far as to the last boss battle but I’ve given up. Anyway, not many bands have released their own games.



:-) That I found my all time favorit album with Candi Staton on vinyl.

:-( That there is treble hysteria in all the productions.

N. Linnea Henriksson and Wille Allin (Swedish Jazz Drummer) aka Bibbi King.



:-) This year’s been a really good one musically. Haven’t listened to that many albums, but I’ve seen a lot of great shows! Spending the summer in New York helped.

Favorite shows: Ronnie Spector, Joan Jett, The Beets, Malaikat dan Singa, McDonalds, Ladybug transistor, Monnone alone, The Bright lights, German measles, Vetiver, Times New Viking, Real Estate, Bush tetras, and many many more. The only Swedish show I remember really enjoying this year was De Montevert.

Top three songs:
3: Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls
2: Crystal Stilts – In love with oblivion
1: Real Estate – Days

Top ten albums:
10: Peaking Lights – 936
9: John Maus – We must become the pitiless censors of ourselves
8: The Ladybug Transistor – Clutching Stems
7: Crystal Stilts – In love with oblivion
6: Real Estate – Days
5: Iceage – New Brigade
4: Comet Gain Howl of the lonely crowd
3: Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls
2: Vivian Girls – Share the Joy
1: Rainbow Arabia – Boys and Diamonds

:-( What I didn’t like this year was losing Gustaf Kjellvander. One of the nicest and most passionate people I’ve ever met.

N. Again De Montevert, and again my friend Lina Adamsson. Everything she’s sent me has been amazing. I think she’s the closest I’ve ever been to actual true talent.


Niels Nielsen

:-) I’ve been on tour for most of the year and I haven’t been to involved in what’s new, but I was happy to see that Bob Hund released new stuff. First, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I wanted punk rock. But “Ja Ja Ja Nej” might be one of the best songs they’ve ever done.

Another great track from 2011 was Nina Kinert – Play The World. Amazing track. I saw a live thing on TV and I was blown away. Great song, great performance.

Recently I’ve been listening to Samling. I first heard the EP in the car when I was driving home from Malmöfestivalen this summer. My favorite tracks are Stackars lilla värsting and Aldrig sätta sig på tvären. And I can’t of course not mention the new Peter Bjorn & John album. I’m a big fan of them. I am. And the new album is truly awesome. Refreshing to hear some straight forward rock music with a touch of finesse. I did spend some time with Syket and their album With Love. I dig their pop sound. Good melodies. Maybe not the type of music I listen to everyday but they have something cool going on.

And of course. Mattias Alkberg. Helgen v.51. That’s just a genius move. The whole album rocks, but that song in particular.

:-(Well. All the new ridiculous radio pop garbage. “Vill du ligga med mig?” and all that. I know you could ignore it all but I seriously get’s a bit offended by this shit. And the radio actually pick it up? I don’t fucking get it. I guess I’m getting old.

N. My fav newcomers would be Svenska Björnstammen. Well, they are not newcomers, but I think we can all agree they got their break through this year. They are good guys and I think their new album will be an instant classic. I wish them all the best on their journey.

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