MY FAVOURITE SWEDISH ALBUM OF 2011 : Paper – Mischmasch


In 2006: Samuraj Cities – Cheap Deluxe was my favourite Swedish record.
In 2007: Promise & the Monster – Transparent knives.
In 2008: Paddington DC – Love is Leukemia.
In 2009: Dear Euphoria -  Heal my violence.
In 2010: Masshysteri – Masshysteri.

This year, the winner is…

1/ PAPER – Mischmasch

Paper – Coming from you (live video)


Paper – Ears keep ringing (live video)


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I’m not supposed to do that. It’s wrong. Making a top ten list with a podium full of records from the same label sounds like a stupid idea. Corrupted? Nope. Is it my fault if Novoton released this year the albums of Paper, Katharina Nuttall and Riddarna? Anyway, when the regular Swedish press picks another Novoton record, the SKRIET album, in their best of (make no mistake, it is also a good band), I go for Paper.

Actually, when it came to decide which record to put as number 1 in Absolut Noise this year, it did not take me long. Paper was an obvious choice. The singer Calle Olsson is a long time favourite from mine (I already picked a Paddington DC – Calle solo project – album as “favourite record” three years ago, and am a huge Bear Quartet fan (Calle plays in there too)).

Paper then. A radical band with a strong point of view on the music they play. Not pop. Not rock. Not folk. Not electro. Not punk. Not anything easy. Just a crazy whirlwind of noise for some stoned mechanical animals. An amazing record with some 6 minutes tunes, but some 2 minutes ones as well. An obsessive sound.

There might be less “hits” in Mischmasch than in An Object, their debut album released a while ago, but the whole piece is a step better. However, most of the songs featured in this second album were actually recorded at the same time than their debut, as the band told me in the interview we did in 2008. Nevermind.

Paper gave us this year a masterpiece. Probably not the easiest record to love, i.e. not mainstream, but one of those records that can have hard fans. Hard fans? I mean people who can tell you “everything sucks in the world, but this record”. Yes, some people are gonna hate it. Yes, it is very dark and apocalyptic. And yes, it gives you, literally some, “absolute noise”. So, well, Paper’s Mischmasch is my favourite album of the year, and if I’m the only one to claim that, it is because I’m right and you’re all wrong.

Here is my previous review about this album.

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