Kristofer Åström – From Eagle To Sparrow


The Absolut Noise server had the bad idea to crash. Or something. I am not actually sure what happened. Anyway, I lost time although there were bands and artists I wanted to mention.

One of them is a cowboy, Kristofer Åström, who has always been one of my favourite Swedish artist, from his band Fireside to his solo career. Obviously, he does need any post in Absolut Noise to find a wide audience, but since he keeps on writing good music, I guess I cannot not mention him here.

His new album From Eagle To Sparrow was released this Friday. You can download in this post his single Strong and tall. The whole record is not better than his previous ones. But it is not worse neither, which is good enough for me. It is just the kind of music everybody loves to listen to from time to time. And I’m still fond of Kristofer voice. Period.

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