Soviac – Back album (short record review)

Sexy, rock, exciting

Soviac – Fear (video)

Absolut Noise likes to see itself as a blog which is usually before the big wave, i.e. I like to mention songs or bands before the others.

Soviac Back album was released a month ago, was mentionned in the Swedish press and is therefore definitely not “brand new”. Usually, when I’m late (I mentionned the first single of this album though), I don’t waste time to write a useless post. But Soviac is Soviac. A band I do fancy and usually mention with words like “sexy”, “rock” or “exciting”. Well, I could rewrite the same posts I dedicated to them before. Except this return album (the latest one was released a while ago), smartly named “back album”, is the most accomplished record so far.

Usually every rock album holds its “slow songs” fillers (The Vines anyone?). Not this one. From French to Shelo, each song is built as a hit. My favourite one remains Banco, but Pamplemousse or Fear are some strong outsiders. The female/male voices duo is still the best asset of the band. And, yeah, sexy, rock, exciting, etc. A kind of dreamy rock band. Without the Dig! drama.

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