Terrible Feelings – Shadows (debut album review)

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Terrible Feelings – Intruders (video)

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As you could notice if you have read this blog on a regular basis, I write more in Frenglish than in proper English. Thus, some words are quite hard for me. “Terrible” is one of them. In French “terrible” means, well, “terrible”, but it is also the equivalent of “terrific”, which means quite the opposite in English.

Terrible Feelings are just terrific. I mean “whaoouuuuh”. Maybe “grrrrrrr”. At least “kkkrrr pooovvv bbrrrr”. Or fucking great.

I have been following them since their very beginnings (at least since the 6th of September 2010) and felt immediately under their charms : I wrote two and a half year ago that they could become a “new Masshysteri”. Since Masshysteri -who released my fav album of 2010- sadly split (or something), Terrible Feelings are now the new “nothing”. Just themselves, which is good enough for me.

Shadows, their debut album, is gonna be released next Wednesday. It is signed on Double Sun the sub label of Adrian Recordings. I have been listening to it a dozen of times today. I was actually very looking forward to it, since their previous singles (The Moon was soooo brilliant and Tied up in my 2011 best of thing) were very very promising.

My opinion about the record? Many great things and one flaw. The flaw? The production. I mean for someone as posh as me, someone who enjoyed that much the songs they did when they were not signed on Double Sun yet, the whole sound of this debut is a little bit too polished and polite. I did love when Manuela – singer of the band – was losing her voice on previous songs such as Blank Heads, The Moon or Trash and burn. On Shadows, cool melodies remain (just listen to and download single Intruders in this post then), the “recipe” is still there, but the whole spirit sounds less “punk”: I confess I would have liked a little bit more grunge.

Ok, ok, maybe it is because I expected a “punk” band and got a “rock” one (which does not mean punk is better than rock music). And ok, ok, most of listeners will discover this band with this record and will totally do not get my point. I know I sound like one of those ridiculous old Nirvana hardcore fan who still pretend Bleach is better than Nevermind cause Smells like teen spirit is too “mainstream”! OMG. Is it actually just cause my little sister who hates punk music loves Shadows?

What the hell! On stage, I’m pretty sure the band will give me the dirt I fancy. And make no mistake, if there is this flaw, the great qualities of the album are the ones to remember. How long as it been since I pressed the repeat button on a record without getting bored? There is pretty much everything a human being with two ears would enjoy. And some hits like my true favourite Days To Come, Intruders or Next Round’s On You. For sure this record is one of the few to remember in 2012. For sure, it is a successful debut. For sure, soon, Terrible Feeling will fill the place left empty by Masshysteri or Bad Cash Quartet. Success is on its way.

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