EL-SD – Latest video (“A contract”) + song (“A debt”)

EL-SD – A contract (video)

It took me a little bit of time to write a new post about EL-SD, one of the most interesting new Swedish rock band.

I already mentioned their fun Kvalität video released in December. Now it is time to give you a hint about the old-fashion style A contract video, directed by Oskar Palmbäck (one of the guy of the Kvalität crew) and Jonatan Etzler (a young director from who I love almost every video he did).

EL-SD only released two EPs: a debut one called A will, and a more recent one named Repeating Patterns. Beginning of May they put out A Debt (EL-SD vocal version). Please enjoy everything. Am looking forward to their debut album.

Before that, those of you who will be in Stockholm in five days would be inspired to go and see them live next Friday at Debaser Slussen. They will open for Division of Laura Lee, the band they remind me the most.

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