Festival ÅÄÖ! (Promise & the Monster, Frida Hyvönen, Jennie Abrahamson, This is head, Agent side grinder)


Agent side grinder – Die to live (video)

This is head – 0011 (acoustic live video)

It begun yesterday in Paris. It’s called Festival AÄÖ. It’s all about Swedish music, so I guess it makes sense for a Frenglish blog like me to mention it, right?

Who will play what where ? Just check out the programme there.

Of course I could tell you to go and listen to Promise & the Monster live since she will be there. But it is so obvious: I already wrote so many times in this blog how much I loved her and both of her albums (the debut one, and the second one).

Frida Hyvönen and Jennie Abrahamson? Yeah. Cool girls.

But actually, the two bands you should definitely not miss are This is head (that I have praised for such a long time, even before they had a label), and Agent side grinder (that I have also mentioned here).

Two hell of bands that this great young festival brings to our country. So be there in Paris, at least at the Point Ephémère on Wednesday the 16th.

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