Skatan – Seven trees (record review) (new exclu song to download)

Young witch

This artist is AbsRecommended

Skatan – Shine ( video)
NB: this is an old song from hers which is not featured on her new album Seven Trees

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The witch is back. Skatan‘s debut album We are all children with different titles (my review here, to buy the record there) is one of those records that never quit my itunes player. It was actually my third favourite album in my best of 2010 thing. And it’s not by chance if I called her “the next big Swedish thing” back in 2009.

Well, don’t know what’s next, but Simone Andersson Wingfors – the 21 years old girl hidden under the “Skatan” nickname – could probably be compare to Soko, Joanna Newsom or even the hidden daughter of Dear Euphoria and Yann Tiersen. However, somehow, she reminds me older singers like Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen. I mean, when I listen to her, I focus on her voice as if she was talking to me and me only. I guess this is what a storyteller is.

Seven Trees, her new album, will be released on May the 23rd. It is a short record, with only seven songs. You can listen to the opening title Control through her website, and download Iniquity through this Absolut Noise post (and, yes, this is an exclu!).

You’d better get the whole record through her website since it confirms all the potential of this young girl who could definitely follow a glorious career. If there is no hit single for the radio in this album, it shows that Skatan has everything an artist should have : a personality, a proper sound and a musical world full of mysteries.

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