PADDINGTON DISTORTION COMBO – United (the whole obscure album released through the label Save the CD-R)

This artist is AbsRecommended

Paddington Distortion Combo – “I left it in the garage and started walking” (Live video in Berlin)
NB : this is an old song from his, not a new one.

Paddington Distortion Combo – Kristallklare natta (video)
NB : this is an old song from his, not a new one.


To listen to Paddington DC album United, press the button play : 

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And when there will be only 10 minutes left before the apocalypse, I would probably listen to Paddington Distortion Combo. Through years, I have become a true hardcore fan of his music. I mean I have everything he ever recorded, or at least this is what I like to think. I know it sounds scary. But I’m not Katy Bates (Misery, anyone?). Not Stan. Not a groupie. Just someone who is trying to understand PDC music and fails. How come Calle Olsson be so productive? I don’t know. How come he plays in three of my favourite bands (Paddington DC, Paper and the Bear Quartet)? Guess it’s not by chance.

Anyway, here is United. An album I have been listening to for ages, since it was released back in 11 September of the past year actually. It took me months to really love it. Now I’m totally into it. Don’t look for the melody. Don’t expect any kind of pop. This is a radical album released through an unsane Munich-based label called Save the CD-R. It features 9 songs, with titles like Elsa attending an Anti-atom demo in Munich or I hate violence, but I hate you more.

For the few of you who happen to enjoy this artist as much as I do, let’s say this album is very different from Love is leukemia which was my fav record of the year 2008 and reminds more No Drums No Fire No Flags. For the majority of you who never heard of PDC, just watch the two videos within this post of old songs from his, then listen to the whole streaming United album located under them. Absolut Noise is a way to archive it through the web. I do not offer it for free download though: if you want it just contact the label, and buy it. I told you: perfect record to wait for the end of the world with no fear.

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