JONAS CARPING – All the time in the world (album review)

Swedish western

Jonas Carping – The Sting ( featuring Sigrid Nilsson)

Well, I pretty much wrote all the (good) things I thought about Jonas Carping when his Underground EP was released. I mentionned the comparison with Johnny Cash (and forgot to quote Leonard Cohen). Praised his great voice too, but forgot to say he was a storyteller as much as a singer.

However, now his debut album All the time in the world just went out, I guess a new post about him is not useless. First, because the record (that you can get here) sounds great (even if it is a little bit too monotonous). Second, because there are not much other Swedish artists sounding like him.

This could be the soundtrack of a kind of western movie with an old cowboy as a hero. Unforgiven? Somehow. From opening track Left in here to the ending one Leaving one (I confess I wish there were more catchy songs in the album like this one), there is enough melodic dirt in this music to sound real. A true discovery.

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