BEST OF 2012 – My favourite albums (2-3-4)


My favourite albums of 2012, part 3. After my fav 5 to 7 and my fav 8 to 10, let’s enjoy today numbers 2 to 4.

2.     BRING ME THE FUCKING RIOT… MAN – Solidarity died and so did we 

Bring Me The Fucking Riot… Man – There Is Something Wrong In your Head. Your Brain Is Dead (video)

My previous post about Bring Me The Fucking Riot… Man .

“Solidarity died and so did we” is Bring me the fucking riot… man third record. Unfortunately, its title is not that ironic: it is actually their last album. The band called it quit this year and I cannot see any other Swedish band which can take their place. Sharp. Straight. Simple. This is “punk” noise that goes straight to your head, with umbelievable song titles such as “My best friend stole my privacy and gave it away to Facebook. I’m in chock!” or even better: “Bob Hund ; will you please give me your autograph you can write it on my right arm just below my tribal tattoo”. So yeah, the fun is there. The political conscience too as says the album title. And, more important, the songs. No filler. Only killers. A must have, just like the other BMTFRM albums.


3.     PATRIK BACKLUND – The Wolfrunner 

Patrik Backlund – Patron Saint (live video)

My previous post about Patrik Backlund.

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Patrik Backlund blew me away with his debut album, that was in my best of 2011. His second one “Wolfrunner” sounds more calm than his pop debut. Therefore, those of you who could have listened to his first record might be surprised: it is as dark as the debut was solar. Do not expect any sonic revolution though. One faces just a guy singing solo with his guitar and his honesty. However, his songs could haunt you for several months. Especially “Dig” or “My valley is my home”. One last thing before I go, since Patrik is quite prolific, one can expect a very strong album soon with his band the Wooden teeth.


4.     RIDDARNA – Bakom Molnen

Riddarna – Vakna till liv (video)

My previous post about Riddarna.

To sum it up: Riddarna is the most exciting rock band from Sweden. While hundreds of guys play the guitar heros, the trio just does it. For real. I mean they have definitely everything a rock band needs. And they do not even seem to know it.  “Bakom Molnen” is an interesting follow up to their eponymous debut (one of my fav record of last year). All the songs have been reduced to the flesh. A mix of anger, desperation and fury.  Let’s call it grunge 2.0.

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