My favourite Swedish album of 2012: SOVIAC – Back album


Let’s look back a little, would you?
In 2006: Samuraj Cities – Cheap Deluxe was my favourite Swedish record.
In 2007: Promise & the Monster – Transparent knives.
In 2008: Paddington DC – Love is Leukemia.
In 2009: Dear Euphoria -  Heal my violence.
In 2010: Masshysteri – Masshysteri.
In 2011: Paper – Mischmasch.

In 2012, my favourite album is:

1. SOVIAC – Back album 

Soviac – Uutiset (video)

Let’s be direct: 2012 has not been a great year for Swedish music. Few albums kept my attention. At least much less than the previous years. Soviac though released a truly brilliant record called “Back album”. I have always loved this band, even taxed them as “the most underrated Swedish band”.

For once, this record is my fav of the year AND the one I played the most in my iphone. The reason? You can play it from the opening song to the ending one without skipping tunes. In this respect, the record is a step better than their previous one “Hello Bunny”, which holds some hits but contain also some fillers. “The Black album” sounds closed to the perfect melodic rock album. Great chorus, plenty of little funny or clever ideas. Sharp guitars. Sexy voices. Most of songs are titled with one single word. Most of them last less than three minutes. Simplicity is the key.

When I look back to my previous best of things, I realize I tend to put forward debut records. You know how it is: like in love, you prefer to be surprised at the first sight and then you get bored. Well, forget it: “The Back album” is Soviac’s fifth record. Their best release so far. Maybe it is too late to market them as the “next big Scandinavian thing” or whatever The New Musical Express front cover reaches for. But who cares. This is a must have. The music translation of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Definitely my favourite album of the year. And one of the few I could go with if I had to move to a desert island.

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