MS HENRIK – Doing it from the man (video, Absolut Noise premiere!)

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Ms Henrik – Doing it from the man (video)

The kind of same look than Henrik Berggren from Broder Daniel. The kind of same dance than The Knife “Pass this on” video. A lot of water. And weirdness all around. Shake it up: here comes the debut Ms Henrik video of his first tune “Doing from the man”. An Absolut Noise premiere!

It seems obvious to me that we have a true hit here. An unstoppable pop tune with little beeeps in the background, an half female half male voice and a chorus you whistle right away. Dangerously addictive, the song gets deeply into your head: no need to struggle, you will not be able to push it away.

Who’s behind it remains a mystery to me. I just know Ms Henrik comes from Gothenburg. Does he have other tunes as good as that in his pocket? Will he become a pop star? Is it one guy or a band? This live video gives us some beginnings of answers… And the rest? I don’t know. One thing is certain though: this is a goddamn promising first shot from an artist I will definitely keep an eye on.

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