KARIN STRÖM – Los Angeles / New York (with new video)

English pop return

Karin Ström – New York (video)

Karin Ström again, Karin Ström at least! First time I mentioned her in this blog was seven years ago! She just released her first EP on a Canadian label. I loved it. Then I have been following her career from her long silence to her electro return sung in Swedish, through a long interview when she told me about her whole career. I even told you about her “ghost album”

And now? She’s back. To her roots. With a pop sound and some English lyrics. A whole album is expected with songs dedicated to different cities. “New York” and “Los Angeles” were actually released months ago. I’m so damn late on this, I know. But now there is a new video, time has come to dedicate her a new post. Is it good music? Sure it is. Fresher than her electro time. Very sweet. Definitely pop. I confess I prefer “New York” than “Los Angeles”: because in my Karin Ström world, the bumpiest the better!

Next cities after LAX and NYC: Havana, Stockholm, Nashville, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Montreal, Reykjavik and Kristianstad!

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