LOVE IS A BURNING THING – Greatest Hits (album review)

My most awaited album of the year is here…

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I admit, lately, this blog turned into a Love is a burning thing fanbase tumblr or something, with several posts dedicated to this band. My latest one told everything about how their debut album “Greatest hits” was my most awaited record of the year and how I have been waited for it since 2006.

Eventually, it is here. Or soon, it will. The release date is planned for the 21st October.I played the whole album all over and over into my ears those last couple of days. So here we go.

First thing: if you already know LIABT, you will not be surprised by the album. Most of its songs have actually been mentioned in Absolut Noise before (like herehere or there). Few more are “instrumental” (i.e. with no lyrics).

The true question is : “does it make it any sense to make an electro-rock album in 2013?”. Cause this is what it is. And The Knife did “Deep Cuts” a while ago, right? And U2 only did one “Discotheque”, right? And the eighties revival – thank God- is over, right? And, all in all, times have changed, as LCD Soundsystem pointed out in “Losing my edge” : “I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars”. Period.

No, actually, the true question is : “is it an electro-rock album or a rock-electro one?”. The key is the production. Agressive. Sharp. With Anna’s voice clear enough to turn her into a kind of post-apocalyptic guru lost in a Berlin basement at 5 am. This is definitely rock in its spirit, and probably more electro in the sound. I guess it depends which song you listen to. Oh, the production? Really brilliant. Check out the new version of “Dancer on the chair”. It sounds like the previous one released seven years ago, but better and stronger (not faster).

Of course, it is a bit frustrating for me to face an eight songs only record. Of course I wish there were more hit tunes like “Go back to your cave” or “Moves”. But this is definitely a very strong album. Coherent, homogeneous and powerful. A firestarter to your dancing wills. And obviously a must have.


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