ANJA BIGRELL – Anja Bigrell (album review)


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Montys Loco, remember? A two girl band with Anja Bigrell and Marie Eklund that I did love (my post about them published in October 2009). Unfortunately, they split few years ago. Anyway, songs such as “Heavy” or “Criminal” remain years later some of my most played tunes in my ipod.

On her debut solo (eponymous) album that just saw the light of day, Anja plays pop music. But not “pop” as “pop-that-you-are-used-to-listen-to-on-the-radio”. Here comes a more adventurous pop album. Let’s take her single “Joni” for instance: how many songs begin with little piano notes, then evolve  during few seconds into a kind of syncopated hip hop tune, then keep on  like a “Miss Li” piano style? Yeah, not that usual, right? Anja’s tunes do not sound “experimental” neither though. Not too smart. Half way between Anna Ternheim and Björk. Just some straight pop music with many ideas and several obvious hits (the brilliant “Ulf”, “Blanche” or “Charcot”).

In this respect, I cannot explain why she she put on Soundcloud (with the great “Joni”) only the song “Nour” that might be one of the tunes I like the least within the record.

To sum it up and be 100% clear: this is one of the few Swedish albums of the year 2013 I will remember.

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