Did I enjoy listening to Swedish records this year? Hell, yeah. But not that many. You should however listen to those featured in my top 10 list of the best albums released in 2013.

Let’s start today with numbers 8, 9 and 10. Three records very different from each other actually.

8. ANJA BIGRELL – Anja Bigrell

What I wrote about Anja Bigrell in Absolut Noise : here.

How many Swedish pop female artists are there? Hundreds? Well, Anja Bigrell (ex-member of brilliant band Montys Loco) has just been a little bit better than the others and a little bit more adventurous, this year. Her debut eponymous album managed to amaze me just when I thought pop artists sounded all the same to me. Anja’s secret? First of all: her voice. It brings depth and charisma to her music. Just listen to the totally mesmerizing “Ulf”, one of the best tune of the album: sounds like a guru is talking to us straight to our brains. Second asset: it manages to be clever (several times, the music goes to one direction then switches to another) AND fun: I mean, most of the time when a pop artist pretend to “experiment” a little bit, it turns quite boring. It is not the case here. All in all, it brings you emotions as diverse as fear, joy and sweetness.

PS : the album is not available yet through itunes, but you can get it there.

9. TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION – Save all the liars

What I wrote about Turn off your television in Absolut Noise : here.

Probably the sweetest record of my top 10 favourite albums list. I do like the voice of Turn off your television singer cause he sounds like a credible storyteller to me. And his stories have nice melodies, chorus and all. So this is quite pleasant to listen to “Save all the liars” without skipping songs. “Save all the liars”, “Broke millionairs” or “Between the lines”: this is an album with strong singles. And an homogeneous sound. Too square? Well, it is, but triangles are so hyped now that I like to enjoy squares from time to time…

10. THE NATURE – Din Medicin

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What I wrote about The Nature in Absolut Noise : here.

It’s always fun for me to listen to some punk music sung in Swedish. Don’t ask me why, I find this language quite convenient for this kind of music. In this very specific genre – punk in Swedish – The Nature is the band that pleased me the most this year. That does not mean I enjoyed every song from their album. I mean, yeah, there are some fillers in it, if you ask me. But tunes such as “Din Medicin”, “Förlorare”, “Northern Lights” or “Hard” have been played so much in my ipod that the whole record remains one of those I will remember from this year.

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