Let’s look back a little, would you?
In 2006: Samuraj Cities – Cheap Deluxe was my favourite Swedish record.
In 2007: Promise & the Monster – Transparent knives.
In 2008: Paddington DC – Love is Leukemia.
In 2009: Dear Euphoria -  Heal my violence.
In 2010: Masshysteri – Masshysteri.
In 2011: Paper – Mischmasch.
In 2012: Soviac – Back album.

This year, I already told you about numbers 2, 3 and 4, numbers 5, 6 and 7, numbers 8, 9 and 10. Here comes my favourite album of 2013….

1. MF/MB – Colossus

“Folded”, MF/MB debut album, was a great one, full of hits, brilliant videos, remixes and pretty much everything a record needs. “Colossus” – the second one of the band if you do not take into account their remixes albums – is even better (get it there).

Actually, you should be scared. I mean when a band decides to cover the unsane guys from Big Black and their obscure grunge/punk/industrial/fucking noisy anthem “Passing Complexion”, it means they are not totally sane neither, right? Good news is: the whole album is kind of crazy. It starts with the little notes of “Unto Death” then dives. Between a mix of electro bits and heavy guitars, you can hear the voice of a guy screaming loud. Sometimes a girl’s voice helps him to destroy the walls of your bedroom. Watch out, if you cannot listen to this “Colossus” loud, just do not listen to it. Yeah, I know, your parents will tell you this has more to do with hammer than music. And your neighbors will probably agree. But I do not picture it that way. To me, this is the most intense album of the year. My favourite songs are the heaviest ones (“Passing Complexion”, “I am an entity”), but the band are good as well when they make it slower (“The Worst Dreams”, “The Chant”, “Cocktail Kid”). Oh, and I guess it should have been difficult to decide which hits could make it as a single since there are so many (“Casualties”, “Art & Soul”, etc).

Finally, when I had to wonder which album was my favourite of this year, I confess I did not have to wonder that much. MF/MB’s “Colossus” came naturally to my mind, just like Paper’s “Mischmasch” did two years ago. Actually those two album share many points in common: if you liked one of those two you’re gonna probably like the other one. All in all, as you might have guessed if you read this blog on a regular basis, that noisy/energetic/grungy music is definitely the kind I love.

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