THE EFFECTER – Far Away (album review)

Under the shower

A long time ago (i.e. in 2010), I wrote a little post about a song released by a band called The Sacred Sailor. It was not the best song from the best band on Earth, but it was nice.

Today, there is The Effecter, a band with ex-Sacred Sailor members. Their new album, “Far Away”, will see the light of day on April. It features several great pop tunes like “Out of touch”. Sounds very Anglosaxon, actually. But impossible to resist. Every song is a potential single. No fillers. Every tune can be whistled under the shower.

Belive it or not, the last name of two members of the band is “God”. True brothers? True name? I confess I do not know. But at least they have some god damn killing melodies.

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