MATTIAS ALKBERG – Nöff nöff (first single from upcoming album “Södra Sweden”)

Fredrik Reinfeldt, in hell

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Well, well, well people. I have been asleep for a while, counting sheeps and all, making other projects. But Absolut Noise is back. And with a great come back actually: Mister Mattias Alkberg, aka Absolut Noise true hero, with punk music. That is great news. I mean as I wrote in this blog, I have always been a big fan of everything he did, from the Bear Quartet different and various albums to his solo project (Mattias Alkberg BD was particularly brilliant). But I have never managed to get into his Begravning thing. Maybe the lyrics frontier. Maybe cause it was too slow for me. Anyway, my personal Swedish Guru is back with noisy music. An album named “Södra Sweden” is even expected on the 20th of August.

Noisy music. And noisy come back. This “Nöff nöff” single is actually causing a kind of little controversy within Sweden since its lyrics (lines like “Ha ha ha, so damn ugly. Moderate, vermin”) are openly against Fredrik Reinfeldt, the current Prime minister of Sweden.

Its video was released today. Even a French guy like me, far away from Swedish politics, does enjoy it. Rage has no language, you know.

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