Winter + end of the year = time to look back! What did I actually enjoy in Swedish music this year? Did my loves at first listen last long in my heart? Or to be more mundane: which are my favourite albums of this past year? Cause, yeah, believe it or not, I still believe in albums. More than in Spotify. Yesterday was dedicated to numbers 5, 6 and 7. The day before to numbers 8, 9 and 10. Today: #2, #3 and #4.    


2. HELLO SAFERIDE – The Fox, the hunter and Hello Saferide

What I wrote about Hello Saferide in Absolut Noise here

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Excuse me, but is there a word in Swedish for “storyteller”. Actually, there is none in French. Thus, how can I explain to my compatriots that Annika Norlin is the best storyteller in Sweden? Should I give them an old record of Hello Saferide? Or a Säkert one? Let’s sum it up: at first, Annika sung in English and she was Hello Saferide and we were in 2005 and the Internet praised her and she became a little bit “famous” and she made songs in Swedish under the nickname “Säkert” and then she disappeared. Blank. I lost traces of her. I actually did not even see she was back this year with “The Fox, the hunter and Hello Saferide” a new album that holds one of my top 3 fav songs of the year (“Dad told me”) and the best video shot in 2014 (“I was Jesus” directed by the always interesting Mads Udd). All in all, this record is an incredible and unexpected return. Seriously. Every song is a story. Trust me: there are hundreds of ladies singing with a soft little voice all over the globe. Hello Saferide is just the best in 2014 (for next year, I am looking forward to listening to the new Nina Kinert album which is on its way…)


3. RIDDARNA – Under Jorden

What I wrote about Riddarna in Absolut Noise here

Them? Again? Yeah! Riddarna debut album ended #3 in my 2011 best of, their second one was #4 in my 2012 thing. “Under Jorden” is their third record. Their best one so far: songs such as “Hjärtat slår” and “Simma hem” prove they topped the perfect mix between stoner power, melody and despair. So once again, it is obviously in my personal podium. I guess Swedish people with taste are aware this band is one of the best thing that happened to Swedish rock music during the last decade. Me, emphatic? Well, I admit I might find some difficulties to be objective cause I have been following the band since their very beginning back in 2009 while they were still unsigned and had released a couple of songs. Am I a fucking groupie, then? Totally.


4. ŞTIU NU ŞTIU – Ultra Silvam

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I have actually never written about Stiu nu stiu in Absolut Noise yet

Some might find it “irritating” because it is “too much”. I would just say “ambitious”. Stiu nu stiu (“I know, I don’t know” in romanian language) debut album “Ultra Silvam” is at least radical. You’re gonna find a 14′ minutes song in the middle of it (“Borta”), some agressive guitars, some tunes with no words (the exhilarating opening song “Ultra Silvam”) and a kind of “single” (“No you are not special”) which is obvious and weird at the same time. All in all, this is a post-punk / noisy / goth / whatever trip to darkness. I guess I should have mentioned this band in the blog before, but I actually discovered it quite late: in November, whereas the album came out in June. A shame since it is Billie aka Promise and the Monster side project, an artist I have always praised in this blog (her own debut “Transparent Knives” was my fav record of the year 2007).

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