Winter + end of the year = time to look back! What did I actually enjoy in Swedish music this year? Did my loves at first listen last long in my heart? Or to be more mundane: which are my favourite albums of this past year? Cause, yeah, believe it or not, I still believe in albums. More than in Spotify. Today: numbers 8, 9 and 10.    


8. LACROSSE – Are you thinking of me every minute of every day?


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What I wrote about Lacrosse in Absolut Noise here.

It is hard to find a true great pop band. You know the kind of one that sounds melodic, simple and catchy without sounding anecdotal. I mean there have been so many pop idols that it is now difficult to exist. Lacrosse is a pop band. Just pop. Verse chorus verse tunes. No experimentation here. But dozens of ideas for each song (damn crazy, this little game with the word “break” at the end of “Don’t be scared” !). And it sounds so fresh, so immediately entertainning that it is hard to resist. I have actually been a fan of the band for quite a long time, but this god damn opening song “Don’t be scared” is to me their best tune so far. The other songs are probably not as brilliant but it remains truly well crafted.  


9. DISKOTEKET – Jag ser över mitt liv

What I wrote about Diskoteket in Absolut Noise here.

I admit, I hope grunge people and bad 1990 techno music will get us out of the never ending 1980s revival. When the sound is as good as Diskoteket though, I am ok. Because, those guys can cook an atmosphere like no other.  And because this is a proper album, i.e. a coherent and homogeneous record. A dark one too. A pop preachment sung by a desperate priestess.



10. PIG EYES – Pig Eyes

What I wrote about Pig Eyes in Absolut Noise here.

Pig Eyes eponymous album is probably sent from Hell. Sure, this is heavy. Your neighbours will hate it. Cause, if it holds only six songs (just like the Diskoteket album actually), it manages to build a scary wall of sound. However, while the singer might evoke a devil, melody remains. Best exemple : “Dirge” and “Warlord”, two angry anthems that show all the qualities of the band. Looking forward to hearing more from them in a next future.

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