Now I told you about my favourite Swedish albums of the year (#1 / #2, #3, #4 / #5, #6, #7 / #8, #9, #10), here come the opinions of Swedish artists Absolut Noise do like. I asked them to send me their “top 5 list of what they will remember from 2014, especially in music, especially within Sweden”. Some made it short, others went long. Thanks to all of them for their time! PS : there are plenty of artists mentioned here, I did not link to all of them but I guess you can google the ones you like :-)

Today, part 4, with Nina Kinert, Pontus Levahn (from Tiger Lou and Torpedo), Per Nordmark (BANDOBRANSKI/NORDMARK and Kriget), Nord & Syd and Jacob Douglas (who was (still is?) in the band Sonjagon, then went solo). Only good and talented people then.

My swede musical year in no particular order :
1. Lorentz album ”Kärlekslåtar”
2. Amanda Bergman singing “Jingle Bells” on the x-mas album we’re both on.
3. My next album. Since I’ve been recording it this fall, it has filled up everything that I am the last couple of months. So impossible not to mention for me. Among other things it includes a co-lab with Nicolas Makelberge which I’m very happy about.
4. Mapei’s song ”Keep it Cool”.
5. iamamiwhoami. The songs ”Blue Blue” and ”Fountain”.

Pontus Levahn (TIGER LOU)
Mattias Alkberg/Södra Sverige – Du är en kattunge.
At the gates – At war with reality
Amason – Pirate
Wildbirds and peacedrums – Rhythm
Fucked Up – Glass boys (not Swedish, I know, but too good to leave out).

1.Bandobranski/Nordmark – MY HEAD MY RUIN
2. Les Big Byrd – They Worshipped cats
3. Destruction Unit – Deep Trip (USA)
4. Wildbird and Peacedrums – Rhythm
5. Vanligt Folk – Fägata

Julia Hanberg (NORD & SYD)
Moon city boys – Rockets / stranger
Pig eyes – Pig eyes
Thilda Persson – Rose growing hill (released in 2013, but I listened to it for the first time in 2014)
Alice Boman – EP II
Dödsfest – Det sista äventyret

1. ”Shellac” live in concert @ Debaser Strand, Stockholm 24/10
2. Maymouth – For The Rush
3. Mattias Alkberg – Kattunge
4. Det Lilla Alvaret – Hål från Förr
5. Sven Bertil Taube – Shanty

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