MY FAVOURITE ALBUM OF 2014: DÖDSFEST – Det sista äventyret


Let’s look back a little, would you?
In 2006: Samuraj Cities – Cheap Deluxe was my favourite Swedish record.
In 2007: Promise & the Monster – Transparent knives.
In 2008: Paddington DC – Love is Leukemia.
In 2009: Dear Euphoria -  Heal my violence.
In 2010: Masshysteri – Masshysteri.
In 2011: Paper – Mischmasch.
In 2012: Soviac – Back album.
In 2013: MF/MB – Colossus.

This year, I already told you about numbers 2, 3 and 4, numbers 5, 6 and 7 and numbers 8, 9 and 10. Here comes my favourite album of 2014….

1. DÖDSFEST – Det sista äventyret

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What I wrote about Dödsfest in Absolut Noise here

I guess it makes sense: my favourite album of the year 2014 was released by what I used to call “my new favourite 2013 band“. His name: Dödsfest. The album: Det sista äventyret (my review here). The band: a reunion of nice people from nice bands, Manuela (from Pascal), Conny Nimmersjö (from Bob Hund), Karl Malm (from Mattias Alkberg BD) and Christian Ramirez (from Park Hotell).

Honestly, when it came to decide which album was my fav of this past year, this record is the first one that came to my mind. I have not hesitated much. Dödsfesten, Utan din kyss, Vi bestämmer över dig, Går aldrig hem, Söte Jesus or Det sista äventyret are some of the songs that I have been listening the most in my ipod this year. Six absolutely stunning tunes. With the kind of raw production I do fancy. It reminds me a Swedish band I did love: Bring me the fucking riot… man.

Direct, melodic and catchy, the whole album can be played all over and over again with no sign of boredom. Do not expect experimentation or “smart” stuff though. Just enjoy verse chorus verse at its very best. I guess you will find it in stores at the “pop/rock” department, but, to me, it has definitely something “punkish” inside. Because, I can feel a raw honesty in this music, some little anger underneath and a refreshing straight-to-the-point attitude. You know, kind of “take it or leave it”. Nope, those guys do not pretend to be rock stars. Nej nej, they do not reach the red carpets. They wear t-shirts. Just t-shirts. No “have you seen my The Hives suits?”, if you know what I mean.

Finally, when it comes to state which album is my fav of the year, I always think “will it last?”, “will I play it with the same joy in five years?”, and “how about in ten year?”. Thus, usually, I am the kind of guy who enjoys music that needs time to be properly appreciated. But nothing like that here. It is more simple: I loved Dödsfest thirty seconds after I started to listen to their first single Vi Bestämmer Över Dig. Will I play it with a smile in the future? I guess so. But since this is just a debut, my real interrogation is: what’s next?

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