TIGER LOU – Homecoming #2

Back from death

You will see next week, in my best of 2014 thing, there are some great records in my yearly top 10 list that I have not even written about yet (expect some obscure stuff, newcomers, surprises, etc). Well, I admit: I missed several new releases this past year or mentioned some songs a little bit too late.

This “Homecoming #2″ is probably the one song I regret the most to have not mentioned before. This is the great return of Tiger Lou, one of the bands I praised so much in this blog before. There is a skeleton in the video, but the music sounds less weird/dark than A Partial Print, Tiger Lou latest album released back in 2008. If you ask me, it is not a bad thing: I have nothing against darkness when it comes to music, however I confess I was not a huge fan of this particular record.

Anyway, the band already recorded half the tunes of their new album. The release date is planned for after this summer.

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