WHITE BIRCHES – Hunting (premiere)


When I started this blog in 2006 (yes, 8 years ago!) I wanted to write first about the artists I liked. Nowadays, I still want to give artists I like the widest audience as possible, and still want to mention them asap. But being the first one is not an obsession. Just a wish. Anyway, this post is what you call a “premiere” i.e. this is the first blog to mention this song.

The tune we are talking about is called “Hunting”. The band which cooked it is White Birches. I had actually never heard about them before, but they released their debut EP “Stands of White Birches” during spring 2014. “Hunting” is therefore their return single. It will be out on next Monday the 19th. Later, in spring 2015, will come their debut album.

Their label Birds will sing for you sums up the band as a duo with “indie-vaudeville singer Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and electronica artist Fredrik Jonasson”. They also mention David Lynch as an influence.

Spot on! “Hunting” could easily fit in a Lynch soundtrack. Cause there is some mystery lying beneath Jenny’s voice. And some obsessive feeling underneath those electro beats. Damn cloudy darkness. The storm seems about to break. Am definitely curious to listen to the whole album to come…

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  1. Lily says:

    thanks for sharing, they are cool!

    i wonder if you know the norwegian band “the white birch” haha, scandinavian names :D the norwegian singular “white birch” is one of my favourites actually

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