ELI NA – Jasmine (first single from upcoming Nature is my mother now EP)

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The witch is back. Elina Johansson, remember? How about her poetic nickname, Dear Euphoria? First time I mentioned her in this blog, we were in 2006. Yes, nearly 9 years ago. And Heal my violence was my favourite record of 2009. Weird, since her genre was exactly the kind of music I hate. Logical, since I found her songs breathtaking. Mesmerizing, I would even say.

Time for a rebirth. Time for the new Elina. Forget “Dear Euphoria”, please welcome her new very personal project ELI NA. Musically, it starts where Dear Euphoria’s songs Pop Pills or That you would gave us a hint: the music brings some “robotic” unexpected noises in the background, while aerial Elina’s voice lift us up. This is more radical, more raw, more discrete than her previous work. Less comfortable. Some might regret the melodies of her past music. Some might find some difficulties to catch her new minimalist touch right away. I don’t. To me, she wins in depth what she lost in violins. Now she cannot hide anywhere. And it’s Dear disarming naked beauty.

Nature is my mother now EP will be out on April 30th. First single Jasmine next Monday. It is actually the best song of this 4 tune album and gives a perfect view of its music landscape. Landscape? Yes, this cinematic music is meant to be listened to with your imaginative brain as much as with your ears. In this particular universe, it looks like we are standing just after Third World War. After a big giant global collapse where everything has vanished. ELI NA, the last guru on Earth? A feminine version of religious David Ahlen? At least, her songs are some post-apocalyptic prayers.

Eventually, it seems this post is a premiere. Did not see any other blogs mentioned it yet. I hope there will be hundreds of new posts about this EP though. Cause if there is one new artist to love those last months, it is ELI NA. Of course, you will never be able to love Elina’s music more than I do. Still, you should try. I am not jealous.

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