TERRIBLE FEELINGS – First songs from upcoming album “Tremors”

Pop punk rascals

Good news: Terrible Feelings are back. Even better news: they are in great shape! I have been following them since 2010, so am quite looking forward to listening to Tremors, the band’s second full length that will be out in April.

Here come two songs from this upcoming album recorded by Joakim from genius band MF/MB/. To me, the production is better than their debut. I mean punker, less pop. Songs remain very melodic and, as usual, Manuela Iwansson’s rageous voice is damn enjoyable. It is Robert Hurula – friend with Manuela – who did the artwork of the album. It actually makes sense since Terrible Feelings sounds like a little brother band of Hurula or Robert’s previous band Masshystery. (Update: Well, actually, Hurula and Terrible Feelings share some common members, including Manuela) I stay tunned to review the whole album, but one thing remains certain: those little rascals belong to the long glorious line of Swedish punk heroes (International Noise Conspiracy, The Hives, etc to quote the latest best known artists). All in all: very exciting/promising/convincing.

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