MATTIAS ALKBERG – Tjugonde (first single from upcoming album “Personer”)

Inte lagom (lost in translation)

I have not been blogged here for a little while since I was busy in real life. Real life, you know, the time you actually have when you do not lose it in front of a computer. Well, I am back in the cyber world again and plan to write in the days to come several posts in a row about artists I do like.

The first one is dedicated to Sir Mattias Alkberg himself, an artist I have always mentioned in this blog, when he was cooking regular rock music with the Bear Quartet, when he did his punk thing with Mattias Alkberg BD, when he experimented some weird things when the Bear Quartet, when Mattias Alkberg BD turned folk, when he went solo, when he lost his mind into his not-that-much-my-cup-of-tea Begravning thing, when he played straightforward punk music with Södra Sverige and in many different occasions I have probably forgotten.

Well, Matti just wrote a little text on his Facebook page and put a song called “Tjugonde” to go with it. Stop. I know. Most of Mattias Alkberg listeners/fans/lovers/addicts/people who are interested in what he writes or sings are mostly Swedish. I am not. I am French. Sorry about that. And I do not speak Swedish. Ok, maybe a little bit. Jag är Fransmann. Jag tycker om lyssna pa musik. Well, no, I actually cannot speak Swedish: I do not even have the proper Swede letters on my computers.

My point? Where is my point? Ah, yes, my point is that there were the lyrics of “Tjugonde” on Matti’s post. So I used the Google translator to get them into French. But, I am sorry: dear Larry Page and Sergueï Brin, your translator thing is shit. Impressive in a way, sure. But shit when it comes to understand the Swedish lyrics of a song a French guy wants to write about in his blog written in English. So, well, I have no fucking idea what Mattias Alkberg is singing about, but I guess it is ok cause I have no fucking idea neither about the new music direction he is trying to experiment. It is not as if I actually cared. I mean trying to really get Mattias Alkberg music intentions (even when you are a fan), is like trying to understand a David Lynch movie plot.

It is too early. I need time in an era that seems clearly to not care at all about people who needs time. I need to buy a record, come back to my home, play it several times on my machine, play it again, and again, and again, just like that for two months and then try to have a definitive opinion about it. “Tjugonde”? Right now I have no idea. I do not know. I am amazed. I am surprised. And I realize it does not happen to me much to be amazed and surprised when you discover a new song of an artist you have been listening to during the past 10-15 years. Every time, Matti goes in a new musical way, it is the same: I thought I got it, and eventually realize I did not.

So give me at least few months and I will come back to you telling you if “Personer” (release date : the 11th of September), the upcoming Matti album from which this “Tjugonde” is from is totally rubbish or pure genius. Yeah, rubbish or genius. Cause there is no Frenglish for “lagom”.

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4 Responses to MATTIAS ALKBERG – Tjugonde (first single from upcoming album “Personer”)

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  3. Banko says:

    Tbh Alkberg’s lyrics are pretty straight forward. To me he is the only artist who really captures the soul of today’s society, the so called swedish “folkhemssjäl”. He sings about the loneliness and melancholy of the weekends when his kids aren’t there. He writes about nihilism, drinking and the anguish of not living up to potential. His best song according to me is “Ragnar” which is about not being able to stay happy. His new album sounds so different because he has said that it’s songs about the people living in Sweden and their dark sides. Alcoholics, people hating on the Internet, poor single parents etc. To me this is a great anthology of Sweden anno 2015. Alkberg is just a genius when it comes to putting words on what we all feel. The perfect album for rainy autumn nights on the bus to your fourth nighshift.

  4. Maja says:

    hej :) I fell in love with the song right away as well – I’m half Swedish living in Germany, so I don’t get to speak the language too often and had trouble understanding it at first as well. I uploaded a translation to English and German on musixmatch however it doesn’t seem to show the English one so here it is:

    Here comes the indian summer
    Fat children and basketballs
    People of all ages bathing
    It is so hot, you barely sleep
    Whole life is the 21 st
    Child benefits and pension
    The postman comes with the advertising paper “Special
    Price” with everything you want
    Under the surface crocodiles
    Barracudas, white sharks
    And in the trees brooding vultures
    But right now they let us be
    You can tear the bill apart
    Someone kind has taken care of it
    Everyone said you look gorgeous
    You can see in there eyes that they meant it
    No one urges you to think
    Sea and mountains and plains and cities and forests
    The whole world fits into where we live
    Under the surface crocodiles
    Barracudas, white sharks
    And in the trees brooding vultures
    But right now the let us be

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