KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – End of history (album review)


I felt totally in love with Könsförrädare debut album “Curse all law”. It even ended #3 in my 2013 top ten list. Five months ago, Blast beats, first single from their upcoming album End of history (out on the 25th of September on Teg Publishing) caught my attention again since it was a very strong pop-rock outburst. But how about the whole album?

For those of you who studied a little bit political science, “end of history” is a concept and a famous book published in 1992 by the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama. This has probably nothing to do with Könsförrädare. Or maybe it does have a link since politics is a topic that seems important for the band members. Also, to me, their new album could have actually been released in 1992. Not sure those young Swedes were born in 1992, but, yeah, if you ask me, they are somehow “neo-grunge” with their dirty (and perfect) production and their rock attitude that prefers guitars to electro beats. So let’s put it that way: Könsförrädare smells like teen spirit. An angry teen spirit that pictures music as a way to express their anger.

To sum it up, I cannot see any other band within Sweden that express the youth the way they do. And I cannot see any other band within Sweden that defines the “rock attitude” better than them. Those kids manage to sound strong and fragile and the same time, which is actually a very rare asset. Sure, not all the tunes of the album match the immediate greatness of songs such as Birth Rights, Blast Beats, Blood Rush or Some Ending. But, all in all, we have here one of the Swedish records that matters in 2016.

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