Top ten list

10 // Absolut Noise has been running for nearly 10 years and I confess this past twelve months were not the ones that made me wanna blog the most. Maybe because I do not think 2015 was as great as the previous years. Maybe because I have actually not found much exciting new bands/artists. Maybe because I could not find them. And with Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and so on, blogs are definitely not what they used to be when I begun AbsNoise back in February 2006. Oh, I forgot, I still miss It’s a trap.

9 // So I did not make my usual top ten fav albums list. But I am not sure albums are still relevant nowadays. Songs are. EPs maybe. But albums? Really? Well, there are exceptions of course, but let’s face it: too many fillers in too many albums. Not enough ambition. Not enough coherence.

8 // Promise & the Monster is back! True story. Raised from the death after 4 years of silence. New album Feed the fire expected in 2016. Can’t wait.

7 // I said I found some difficulties to discover true new Swedish bands, but the ones I have been kept on following remain great! In 2015, This is head gave birth to a brilliant kraut album, We are the storm cooked again some unstoppable pop singles and Nina K(inert) totally reinvented herself.

6 // Most interesting up-and-coming Swedish band? Konsförrädare (great second album End of history released this year). But everybody is aware of that, right?

5 // Mattias Alkberg is definitely the Swedish Woody Allen. Except this is not a movie he releases every year but an album. And if he is funny in his own way, I would call it poet more than comedian. His 2015 record, Personer, is not his weirdest one, not his best one neither, but once again with Matti I did not expect him to make this kind of music and this album remains one of the few great Swedish albums of this past year. And mister Alkberg proves that youth is not a matter of age: this guy is a teenager for life.

4 // Please tell me what ELI NA should do to be considered by the whole planet or at least by the whole Sweden as the top artist she is? She changed her name, released new songs, still has this extraterrestrial voice. What else can she do? Do Swedish people have ears? Do Swedish people have an heart?

3 // Nova Blast: yeah! Näv: yeah! They don’t play it smart. They just make rock music and seem to enjoy it. They are not well known, kind of new. I truly love them.

2 // My music shock n°1 of this past year: PAPER’s Friah. My music shock n°2: PAPER’s The Magnificent Descent Of A Lowland Arpeggiator. My music shock n°3: PAPER’s Rushmore.

1 // Since the bear Quartet is sleepwalking somewhere, PAPER is by far the most interesting current Swedish band. I wrote it so many times in this blog. Their previous record Mischmasch was my favourite one of the year 2011. Their third and latest album We design the future is the most ambitious one of 2015. And my favourite one of this past year? Sure it is! If you need to get one and only Swedish album this year, go for this one. Powerful, coherent, brilliant, unsane, transcendental. Did I say transcendental? Yes, I did.

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