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May is just beginning. Since it is the fifth month of 2016, I thought I could try to make a kind of “the 5 albums that I do remember from this year” thing. As usual, I will probably forget some. But I can guarantee that those five ones are truly brilliant records. First part : NEJ and its debut album Nej.

The first record that came to my mind, when I wondered which albums counted to me this year, has not actually been properly released yet. It is NEJ debut (and self titled) album. I have been listening to it for a while, but it will only be born on the 11th of May. If you ask me, this is the most powerful Swedish album cooked in 2016 (I say “powerful” but I could say “best” as well).

First single (and opening track) “Aldrig meg” came out few days ago. It is a quite logical choice: this single is one of the best tunes of the record and a good view of its whole sound. But the album is filled with potential singles: the apocalyptic “Kan inte hindra det”, “Över havet” and its crescendo of noise or the angry “Res er upp”.

The band is described in the press file as “a trio from Stockholm, using two electric basses, a drum kit, the Finnish language and as many watts as possible to try to recreate what happens in the Earth’s core”. True. To me, it is also the Pascal‘s hidden son, one of my favourite Swedish band that will actually come back soon with some new releases, after few years of silence (I actually love Pascal so much that I put one of their tune as my fav one from my past ten years songs best of).

So, well, Pascal’s hidden son? Yep. First, Mimmi Skog is a member of both bands (Mirella Hautala and Björn Eriksson are the two other Nej members). Second, Nej shows the same ability to build a strong tension and big noise with no lack of melody. Do not expect happy tunes. It is dark as hell. Somehow a little martial too. At least, it brings picture in my heads. Weird ones. Like an original soundtrack. The original soundtrack of a firework of rage in slow motion.

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