PADDINGTON DC – A Collection

Before the holidays

Ok then, time for the yearly Absolut Noise summer break. This past year was crazy. Busy. Sad. Let’s enjoy a little bit of sunny days, would you?

Before that, just a last hint about a record released, beginning of June, through the young label Scandinavian Crush. It’s a compilation. I never mention compilation in this blog. And it is a Paddington DC record. I always mention PDC records in this blog.

Its name? “A collection”. This is not a sexy name at all, but it prevents from saying “best of”. And that’s quite cool, because this is definitely not a best of. This is more an attempt to give listeners a hint about what PDC is, i.e. an unsane/diverse Calle Olsson very personal project. Hard to sum it up. I tried here or there.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, summer time.

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