As you saw, I have not posted for a while on this blog. It does not mean Absolut Noise is dead. It is just on hold since I am currently spending (a lot of) time on other personal projects. I’ll be back though. Stay tuned.

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PADDINGTON DC – A Collection

Before the holidays

Ok then, time for the yearly Absolut Noise summer break. This past year was crazy. Busy. Sad. Let’s enjoy a little bit of sunny days, would you?

Before that, just a last hint about a record released, beginning of June, through the young label Scandinavian Crush. It’s a compilation. I never mention compilation in this blog. And it is a Paddington DC record. I always mention PDC records in this blog.

Its name? « A collection ». This is not a sexy name at all, but it prevents from saying « best of ». And that’s quite cool, because this is definitely not a best of. This is more an attempt to give listeners a hint about what PDC is, i.e. an unsane/diverse Calle Olsson very personal project. Hard to sum it up. I tried here or there.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, summer time.

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Heavy guitars

This artist is AbsRecommended

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I might have kept the best for last. Soviac, then. Remember? I have always been fond of them (since 2007, to be sharp). Even picked their « Back album » as my favourite one of the year 2012. It took them four years to give birth to « Göld » and the result deserves the wait (Listen to it on Spotify // Get it through iTunes).

Let’s be straight: this 2016 album sounds quite different from their previous record. While the « Back album » was a great piece of pop, « Göld » is heavy, nasty, grungy. A bit like some of their old tunes (I’m thinking about « Halte Jick » for those of you who are Soviac fans like I am). I mean, if you like noisy stuff, you’d better check this out. Melodies remain there though and are never buried under the stormy guitars. It holds a bucket of hits, such as « Shesodc », « Golddigger », « Strill » or my fav « Ducklin ». It stands as the most-glorious-Swedish-album-with-heavy-guitars-of-this-current-year. Or something. All in all, a must have.

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Cinematic flame

This artist is AbsRecommended

Promise & the Monster? Long story! I totally fell in love with her debut album « Transparent Knives » released back in 2007, when she was still signed on Imperial Recordings. Later, in 2011, she released a great but surpriseless second album named « Red Tide ». And this year, came out « Feed the fire ».

What has changed between her debut and this come back album? Nothing much. Maybe it is a little bit less minimalist, but the sound remains mysterious, very David Lynchy (in this respect, the « fire » to feed refers probably to the famous Twin Peaks « Fire, walk with me »). And since I am into a name dropping phase, I realize I was quite correct when I first label her as the « new Stina Nordenstam » in my first post dedicated to her.

« Feed the fire » is therefore a cinematic piece of music. A proper album that puts you into a unique atmosphere. A beautiful gem frightening and delicate at the same time.

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PASCAL – Jag vill ju bara (video)

The ! post

Pascal is back with a new song/video after a (too) long 5 years hiatus!
« Jag vill ju bara »! 100% addictive!
They’re my favourite!
New album named « Revy » expected for next October!
Can’t wait!

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