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THE GLADE – What turns on the lights (album review)

Swedamericana Download The Glade – On our own Half between Johnny Cash and Madrugada proudly stands The Glade, the band of Jonas Carping (aka the-guy-with-the-big-big-voice) that I mentioned here. Their album “What turns on the lights” have just been out. … » Continue reading

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TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION – Humble ways (album review)

Sparkled Turn off your television – Planets will collide for you (video) Let’s start with the flaw: there are probably millions of bands that you compare to Turn off your television. You know those kind of Sparklehorse sound alike. The … » Continue reading

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Kristofer Åström – From Eagle To Sparrow

Cowboy The Absolut Noise server had the bad idea to crash. Or something. I am not actually sure what happened. Anyway, I lost time although there were bands and artists I wanted to mention. One of them is a cowboy, … » Continue reading

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